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Brandon Conway Sep 2018
Squalid off-white cube
fluorescent buzzing hue
water stained tiles
tribulation from digital files

dilapidated symbiote
invisible hungry parasite
optimism capsized in the abyss
tedium tongue french kiss

five hours a month
forest bathing in the sun
a cure they say
nature is a gateway

shambling down trails
languid gait sails
fractal patterns surround
tweets in background

head starts to clear
wondrous frontier
five hours a month
soaking in the sun

not enough time
to melt away grime
five hours a week
leaves a happier physique

summer sea breeze
rolling over unease
basking in the heat
leaving is so so bittersweet

return to human farm
pray for fire alarm
nature is a gateway
natures my getaway
DancingEnt Feb 2018
Your eyes are the same green-blue of the ocean.
Your smile, as warm and bright as the sun.
Your laugh as welcome as the crash of the waves.
Your hands the sand caressing my body
        as I lay in your bed.
You are my getaway
And I never want to leave.
Do you ever feel like there's a person that is your home? Like the one you want to go to when the world is crazy. They're your home. They're your getaway. They're your happy place, your comfort space.
Sam Jul 2017
He stands in the alley. Just watching the flow of urban sprawl. The dark, gray, hood cloaking him. Black jacket tight to his chest. His denim blue. Dark. The zippers clean-cut. It's not like girls to be in the alley, but there she is. Dark, purple, skirt attuned to her figure. Black leggings, and a top to match. She's enchanting. She's mesmerizing. As if from another planet. Dropped between the high-rises by some enigma.
                His past was forgettable. His home not a home. Nothing more than a trauma drenched memory. His mom not a mom. His dad long deceased. The streets filled the void the in his soul. While his horizons were bleak, he watched his mom use. Never getting better. Worse day by day. Cancerous fate tightened it's hold on his neck. He looks to see her eyes on him.
                  It wasn't odd, they were old friends after all. Friends with opposite backrounds. One bound by sadness, drowning in agony. The other pushed to success. Living a false dream while still managing to hold a smile. "I hate my mom, there is nothing left of her." He lipped to his quiet witness
                  He expected scorn, a sour look on her face. No one understood. Instead, she pressed a finger to the bottom of her lip, gaze turning to the sky. Her celestial, green, eyes illuminated by the moon. He pondered the barrage of words that she might say. From forgiveness, to half-hearted sympathies.
                    When her gaze dropped, their eyes met in a moment that felt like an eternity."Let's runaway?" Her question brief and completely unexpected.
                     His eyes began to tear. Swiftly, he locked her in his arms. Her eyes followed suit. What they lacked alone, they found amongst each other.
Written 2016. A bit of a short story, but still thought I'd share :)
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
No response...
502 bad gateway
or hint to get away
Ben At93 Jan 2017
I'm flying blind,
Into a raging storm,
Its worth if I'd leave you behind,
And in the end find myself home,

I'd beat the thundering clouds,
I'd take on the vast open seas,
Its my chance for a clean out,
"Baby you won't ever see me",

"Mayday mayday"
I'd take the devil instead of you,
I don't want another second in your sight,
That's how much I need to get away from you,
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
And that's one good thing I can say,
If nothing else and probably the best quality.
It numbs the pain, leaving you open to a world of awe.
It presents a comfort zone, of being at ease. At anytime, any place.
Such a wonder thing. Your voice.
Becoming a remedy to all sorts of aches and pain.
That one helping hand that seemingly comes out of nowhere, your voice.
That warm invitation that gets you out of the house.
Often taking you to a place you've always passed but never thought to go in.
If only for a minute, your always glad you indulged in such invite.
Finding remedy to all sorts of pain and ache you forgot existed.
Your voice, becoming that feeling you get in your chest when everything just feels right.
That utter happiness that leaves you dimwitted and goofy as hell forgetting that anyone is watching.
It's brilliant. 
Often doing something you'd otherwise never do,
Being taken somewhere you never thought to go.
Even if it's a passing glance on the way there.
What's even better, is that it's your voice that takes me there
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
Let's go somewhere far,
Somewhere where I'd hold you tight.
Hand in hand.
Wherever you'd like.
Whether train or plane.
An automobile or an boat.
Either way will be home in justification.
Journeying through each other's eyes, a different aspect of seeing things brand new.
A single step becoming wholesome
Just for the sake of getting up and getting out.
The feelings that dwell within
Escaping out.
Anywhere with you, to be perfectly honest. 
Venturing abroad in living, breathing color.
Heads leaned against each other in excitement,
The comfort of toes covered in warm sand.
Sculpting each and every memory.
The sun becoming a spec in the horizon.
Exploring every wish, every dream we've found within reach.
The feel of every couch cushion.
Misplaced nickels, dimes.
Caressing the weight of weary legs.

A earth tone colored pattern. 
The lobby of every room folded In the brochure of our heart.
All in the autobiography of us.
To live, to breathe in the essence of where the ocean sprays against the gleam of your shades.
The hull of yachts splashing against the oncoming waves.
The ripeness of fresh fruit served at local vendors hidden from the sun harvested by kind hands.
The only thing missing is a good pair of shoes.

Or perhaps lay here with you just a bit longer
Olga Valerevna Oct 2016
"My skin is always crawling," said the body to the soul
"I've turned into an ant but there is nowhere left to go"
the world is being eaten by the people being served
but I won't come to dinner lest I'm cooked to be observed
there seems to be a fire burning everything in sight
consuming with a fury those who fair a different fight
I may have lost some footing but I'll never lose my legs
I will not play accomplice to what everybody says
so catch me if you can and do whatever you so choose
you may have burned my body but I crawled away from you
when my mother speaks, I listen.
Christopher Burk Sep 2016
Watch as we fly away
The wings we grew to get out of this place
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