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R Edwards Jr  Dec 2012
R Edwards Jr Dec 2012
Hmmm. Getting a way sounds good
I need to find my gateway to getaway

Reason being everybody takes a little small piece of me everyday
Like I'm becoming deteriorated

I need to getaway because in this world you must look out for yourself and not worry about them other people

But what to do when you have a big heart
Big hearts get taken advantage of

Everyday everyone wants something and it's like when does it end

Fact is it never does until I do something about it

But what do I do?

Do I cut off loved ones stop doing things for friends or just vanish disappear

But what would that prove that I can run

I just rather getaway.
Getaway in my mind and in my heart.

I give so much of me but I never receive my pieces back but I don't know

I'll getaway someday somehow....  I'll find my happiness
Saico Cic  Sep 2014
Saico Cic Sep 2014
Would you like to go some day
To my perfect getaway ?

We’ll spend hours in the sun,
Dive for treasure in the ocean,
Search for rods and make a fire,
Burn in flames all that desire…

Would you come with me by land,
Write our letters in the sand,
Kiss my lips while I’m asleep,
Open your heart…let me go deep…?

Will you embrace me with your arms
And indulge me with sweet charms ?

Would you like to be the only
Person that could really know me ?

Some day, will you let me know
What’t the spark light of your soul?

Will you take me far away
To YOUR perfect getaway…?

Will you let this night go by…?
Will you let this chance go by…?
Will you let…me…go by…?
jacky  Aug 2014
Weekend Getaway
jacky Aug 2014
I don’t want to be your weekend getaway, babe.

I want to be

the reason
you can’t get up on a Monday,
the struggle to let go
of a night we shared together

the coffee break on a Tuesday afternoon
keeping you awake,
warm, and alive

the paper cut from all the pile of work
of your Wednesday night,
as the pain reminds you
of how it hurts
not to be with me

the suit you prepare for a meeting,
or an occasion you wish
to be wearing beside a red-dress wearing woman
your arm wrapped behind her waist
on a numb Thursday

and that bottle of beer you've been drinking on
a Friday evening, with a hundred people around
you search for me,
but I’m inside your grip,
and inside each of your thoughts

not just your weekend getaway.

a random wish, on a Tuesday at 3 AM