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Ashwin Kumar May 6
You are a very precious friend
Whom I would always defend
No matter what
Of course, you know that
Always, do you understand me
Even better than I understand myself!

You are a very precious friend
By nature, are you quite kind
Very helpful and trustworthy
Always, do you make people happy
Very sincere and hardworking
And last but not the least
Quite sweet and caring!!

You are a very precious friend
Of whom, am I very fond
You were even a fantastic colleague
So proud was I, to be part of your league
Going to office together
And returning together
Absolutely nothing can beat those days
Because we managed to keep stress at bay
Of course, there were a lot of issues
However, our friendship ultimately saved the day
You in particular, showed the way
With your fierce determination and indomitable spirit
From no one, did you take any ****!!

You are a very precious friend
With an extremely shrewd mind
Twice, have you saved me from a crisis
Always do you happen to know, what goes amiss
Your family is my family
And my family is your family
Our relationship is proof
That blood need not always be thicker than water
And for you, deeply do I care
May the Lord bless you
With loads of love, happiness, peace and prosperity!!
Dedicated to Tamil Elakiya, a very close family friend of mine
Ashwin Kumar Oct 2023
For four years have I known you
From railfans to close friends
Quite the journey has it been
In the train of relationships

Thou art innocent and sweet
But when it comest to talking
Oh boy, do you set the bar high
With an expertise in four languages
At the age of just twenty-four!!

Every outing we've had
Has been nothing short of memorable
From the hurricane run
On board the famous Pune Shatabdi
To the thrilling boat ride
Through the equally famous Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary
Add a few movies in between
Not to mention, drinks *** dinner
And you have the icing on the cake

Whenever I've come to Pune
I've always felt at home
Your family being the engine
To my train of love, happiness and peace
From your mother's cooking
To your father's hospitality
Not to mention, your lavish home
With a plethora of facilities

You ain't just no friend
But a younger brother as well
Quite the honour has it been
To have you at our home
Something we should do more often
After all, we are thick as thieves

For four years have I known you
And with every year
Our bond has grown stronger
Than even the Rock of Gibraltar
Which ain't no surprise
Since we have a lot in common
Trains, cricket, movies
Food, drinks, cats
The list is endless

For four years have I known you
And our friendship is something to be cherished
As much as India winning a Cricket World Cup
Or a journey in a diesel-hauled train
Or even, Hyderabad's finest Mutton Biryani!!
I endeth on this note
Age is just a number
Even when it comest to relationships
Poem dedicated to Railfan Omkar, one of my closest friends.
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2023
You were my neighbour
And I felt good vibes from you
Right from the start
We soon became good friends
And as the years passed by, our bond strengthened
Now, I see you as not just a friend
But also a family member
You are very simple and humble
Not to mention, loyal to a fault
However, underneath your calm exterior
Lies a burning passion
Especially when it comes to gaming and Hindu mythologies
The best part about you
Is that you always want to do the right thing
Even if it means losing friends in the process
Of course, as I told you recently
Those people are not truly friends
But haters in disguise
You are also extremely selfless
A quality that makes you very likeable
And at the same time, vulnerable
Anyway, as I said before
You are as good as a family member to me
And your family also sees me
As one of its own
Our phone conversations are usually very long
And I love how you take time out for me
Right in the middle of your busy schedule
I feel I can trust you
With anything and everything
Just remain the way you are
And believe in yourself a little more
Take care and see you soon da!
Poem dedicated to Rahul, one of my closest friends.
Ashwin Kumar Apr 2023
We started off as colleagues
At that time, working from home was something
That was almost unheard of
Yet, we met only once or twice
In an entire month
Because you stayed really far away
Moreover, you had a family to run
We'll come back to that later
Anyway, when we met for the first time
I found you to be warm and friendly
And I said to myself
"Here's someone I can trust
Without a second thought"
I also loved your dedication to work
However, it wasn't as though you were a workaholic
On the other hand, you were quite lively
And ensured that our spirits were high
Even when there was a lot of work to be done
As I had mentioned earlier
You had to take care of work
And manage your family
At the same time
A daunting task, without an iota of doubt
Especially when there are kids involved
As well as in-laws!!
However, the way you handled the pressure
You almost made it look easy
Though the reality was vastly different
Moreover, we had some great times
I remember one occasion in particular
When we had a team lunch at Canto
The pizza we ate was extremely delicious
And full of veggies as well
Another thing that is impossible to forget
As far as that day was concerned
Was the fact that it just kept on raining!!
It was really good that you left early
Because it took me three hours to reach home!!!
I always enjoyed working with you
Because you somehow managed to find a way
To keep boredom and stress at bay
Especially that RM-Wealth mandate
On which we both struggled like anything
But you ultimately managed to close it
Hats off to your dedication, patience and perseverance
Then the pandemic struck
While I was dealing with work pressure
As well as the cloud of uncertainty
That hung over my indefinitely postponed marriage
Your words of wisdom helped me stay afloat
In those troubled waters
Meanwhile, you took a sabbatical
Thus, I missed you at work
But felt relieved for you
Since you finally got the break you deserved
After working so hard, for so long
Nevertheless, I was glad when you returned to work
Because you are not just a colleague
But a really good friend of mine
Of course, we haven't met in the last three years
Since you've permanently shifted to Udaipur
However, a friendship with such a strong foundation
As ours is built on
Does not require proximity in order to survive
Coming back to work
Just about a month ago
We were working on a huge research project
Which was extremely challenging and stressful
Yet again, you were a source of comfort for me
And ensured that I was able to keep my wits about me
And complete my work on time
Without letting pressure get the better of me
Moreover, at the same time, you did a great job yourself
Once again, hats off to your dedication, patience and perseverance
Just be the way you are
Because you are a friend to treasure
Poem dedicated to Neha, my friend and colleague.
Mel Mar 2020
Moon of Venus
Moon of Osiris
I’ve been thinking
Of Corona Virus

Get Some
Get Some
Coca cola

Play some
My Sharona
It may be
Over Soon
And You Know
I love you
To the moon and back.
Siti Asmida Sep 2019
With his words alone, I feel relieved.

   I had nothing special feeling for him.

But he save me.      He is the best "FRIEND" I have.

More importantly,   he never betrayed me. He always help me. He stay by my side  since my childhood.. And I don't remember when.. But I really feel it been a while.
Staying as a friend is enough. Any fights will be fine because we can be good again and we're happy.
Leigh Marie Nov 2017
I spend hours trying to understand
why you still care
when I should address why I do, instead
I don't think bout you often anymore
But when I do, I think bout how i hope you can't get my smile out of your head, that you wonder how I am

But most days, I wish that you hit every red light on the way to class
that you forget your phone charger at home and your iphone dies halway through your three hour lecture,
on a Monday,
at 9 am

Some days, I hope that the left bud of your headphones break
that all your lays chips are crushed, even though the bag is all air and no potato

I rarely think of you, but when I do, I hope that you lose your last guitar pick
and your brother leaves your aux cord at home,

I hope that all of your mac and cheese is just a little to watery and that you lose all of your left socks

On the days I think of you, I wish you uneven laces
and rain on your birthday

I wish you a hole in the crotch your favorite pants and
the parking spot furthest from the entrance

I hope only radio commercials for tampons
and a brain freeze

I wish you forget the last page of your paper in the printer
I wish you forget me

I wish you lose my number
and hope you lose the desire to text me, again

cause maybe if you forget it will be easier for me too
and I won't have to wish you ****** noses and a really big hang nail anymore
after Dry Cake Wishes and Tap Water Dreams by Rachel Wiley
Anmol Tyagi Aug 2016
"You are the one, the end and the start

I'm sorry if I ever made you feel ignored,
I always try's to be their with my very own heart,

you are the only one who gave me strength,
they all fade away one day, but you are eternal art,

I know, you might down sometime,
C'mon life is all about sweet and ****,

and at the very end just want one thing,
that god never ever make us apart."
Amatus poet,

— The End —