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Skylar Turner May 27
as the rain pelted my face i felt an odd sensation of satisfaction.

the water had cleansed my body like it was the holy water used at morning mass.

the catholics’ silence could be heard as i bathed in God’s tears.

the deafening echo of a wordless cathedral spinning into chaos.

as peace consumes me and
my body is laid to rest

i realize why God had flooded the earth the first time.
Victoria Feb 11
I miss you every second I’m away from you
My heart can’t help but fill up with envy
For the people who get to rejoice in your presence
Every second of every day
Passerbyers who get a second glance
Of your beautiful golden locks twirling around with every step you take

I start to envy inanimate objects
That serve your every need
Napkins that wipe your bottom lip from the stickiness of lipstick
Mirrors that reflect every one of your perfect stances
The water that hydrates and gives you life

I obsess over you maybe too much
Maybe I just have too much time to think
But even in my busiest moments
Your image replays in my mind again and again
You’re a flash flood that takes ownership of everything it touches
for my gf
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
I could see the storm in the sky.. It was broadcasted and televised..

I got a quick glimpse and it was heading up our way..

I felt very unprepared for such a massive storm.
From the side of my eye I seen how massive and strong of a storm was brewing..

I seen close loved ones and the most precious of them all.
Even the newly gifted one.

We all made haste movements to prepare for the storm approaching..
My sis had opened the windows widely.

I said I thought it was said to keep them closed.

This storm hit and it hit super hard.
I felt the precious gift almost slip through my finger tips.
As we all were under the attack of it.

I captured our gift and held it securely in my *****.
The massive winds shook the foundations as we all prayed.
The winds causing loud alarms in our ears.

I can't believe we outlived this massive hit.
It passed through.. but the damages around our surroundings was clear.

We'd need to repair, rebuild, everything.
and even our relationships. Would need to be fixed.
The one of many dreams about storms...S.A.M 10-18-18
I have had many dreams of seeing weather and storms ice winter ones and floods of waters.  Then winds of hurricanes of which I always survive. And each time I dream I can hear myself praying..through the storm.
Marilyn Heavens Oct 2018
Tsunami came from nowhere,
Mother nature called aloud
Bringing with it only sin,
Bearing devastating sacrifice
and death to all and kin.
Reality hit home within the first few hours,
As news came through the world soon new
It seemed the earth had cracked in two
Now our world is flawed with devastation
Death, pain, and desolation
We pray for those who died
And feel for those in pain
Our people’s lives were taken when that brutal mother came
This mother came from nowhere upon the highest wave
Bringing in destruction, death and devastation,
Loss, horror, and hopeless apprehension.
These words cannot portray our feeling of dismay
Our minds in fear as we shed a tear
For those whose lost and those who suffer
Awaiting news or searching through the thousands.
Undignified, coming to terms with loss of those who once loved but now no longer.
Mother Nature played her part so viciously,
Leaving just a simple question…why.
Today I pray alone, but I know I am not alone for the entire world will pray with me.
Scarlet McCall Sep 2017
Rain’s a-coming, I’m seeking higher ground
Rain’s a-coming, I’m seeking higher ground
Ain’t gonna stay here, ain’t gonna stick around

River’s rising, gonna flood the town
River’s rising,  gonna flood the town
Ain’t gonna stay here; ain’t gonna be around

The wind’s a gonna blow, gonna blow your house down
Wind’s a gonna blow, gonna blow your house down
Better run for the hills, better run for higher ground

Down at the White House, they’ll say you don’t need to fear
Down at the White House, they’ll say you don’t need to fear
That there ain’t no global  warming, that there ain’t no change to fear

Don’t listen to the man,  hear the sky above
Don’t listen to the man, hear the sky above
Gotta save your skin, gotta save the things you love

Don’t listen to the man, listen to the wind
Don’t listen to the man, listen to the wind
Trump ain’t gonna  save you when the walls come caving in

Don’t listen to the man, listen to the sea
Don’t listen to the man, listen to the sea
The big wave’s a-comin’, coming for you and me.
If I were more ambitious I would try to write the music. Been reading Bessie Smith songs about flooding.
ConnectHook Sep 2017
A torrent gushes from the serpent’s mouth
wave upon breaking wave; it’s ALL fake news
swiftly eroding what is left to lose.
Democracy’s waterlogged corpse drifts south,
a bloated mess; all waters to infuse
with putrefaction, thus to breed disease
uncivil war invades our fantasies;
the polarized extremes now pay their dues.
Propping things up: it’s what they do the best—
business as usual, pawns all occupied
in scaffolding facades upon the West
and sculpting the friezes of fratricide…
but underground, the currents cave away.
Media will fail; God brings a brighter day.
And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

REV 12:15 (KJV)
do you remember how we used to complain about the drought
ripped the green from the hills
and put us on watch
for how long our showers could be

i had to find a new place to cry for half an hour
and i had to watch forest fires on the 5 o'clock news all too often

dams are breaking
and we can't stop the mood swings of Mother Nature

can you blame her?

the levee has been breached,
and the uncertainty is eating me alive
and oh,
how this reminds me of you

you set me on fire
and tried to drown me
and i never knew when to expect which
but i could always complain about the one that was happening

the changes in scenery were never what i wanted
i lay awake, hearing the raindrops hitting the roof
and i just don't know what tomorrow, or you, will bring me
Stanley Wilkin Apr 2016
Of terrible storms that broke through the town
Strangling, uprooting trees, slicing away
Homes, a gurgling pulsating fury of air and rain
That lasted four days. Unremitting,
It brought huge waves in its wake
From the tormented sea. All along the assaulted
Coast people choked and drowned,
Their corpses tipped
Onto beaches huddled between ravaged furniture
And drying plastic shopping bags,
Swollen limbs nibbled at by fish and *****,
And scattered throughout the streets
Picked at by dogs,
A feast that set them up
For the coming cold weather. Fleeing birds
Squalling overhead in clamorous flocks, plucked
From the sky and shattered on rocks;
The cats had a field day until
Becoming engulfed too in marauding waves
Deluging the land. Foxes screamed from the hopeless
Shelter of water saturated dens;
Only jagged ruins remained,
Futile gestures to a once-only god.
Towns inland were wrecked by the hurricane bursts
And all fell silent as the storm
Fled like a Viking raider back into the sea, dragging its
Sean Hunt Apr 2016
I was requested
To write a rhyme about rain
By a soldier man who lives
Almost in a lake

I thought of rain
Again and again
In time,
A rain rhyme came

From me to you,
Mr. Hill
Who lives
In 'The Lakes'

Rain rain go away
Come again
Some other day
Today I want to play

Rain rain go away
But not for long
Or I’ll complain
Stay around
I’ll want you when
My grass is brown

Rain rain stay around
My kayak doesn’t work well
On the ground

Rain rain
Once in a while
I will delight
When my feet are warm and dry
By the firelight

I will watch you through
My windowpane
In  ease
As you paint
Your Three D

O essential element
Presenter of presents
Why do we lament
So much
Your ever-present presence

Sean Hunt April 16 2015

For video recitation: see link below

Rain has always been a  principal topic of conversation here in the UK, especially in The Lakes District.  A friend said to me the other day, "Why don't you write a poem about rain?"  I don't usually write about non-abstract, or non-philosophical issues but I decided to try....Dedicated to Mr Tony Hill, a friend a musician and a true outdoorsman and adventurer.
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