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Sunshine Apr 24
they always make it feel like the first time
and leave for the second

they tell me they love me for the third time
and ask for forgiveness for the forth

they roll over and smile in the morning for the fifth time
and leave my calls unanswered for the sixth

they visit my momma's house for the seventh time
and pile all their clothes into the car for the eighth

they pay for dinner and a movie for the ninth time
and act like nothing's wrong for the tenth

eleven more days I could stand it
or twelve more weeks
but I rather spend thirteen hours thinking about me
instead of rewriting my text to you for the fourteenth
but I've had fifteen lovers and none of them were like you
one, two, three, and four
I think I should stop
acting like I need to settle the score

You wrap around
me, like a fog.
Haze of bitter
sweet miasma.
No one
worth your time
will give a ****,

No one
worth your love
will give a fight,

Learn your personality.
Learn humility.
Work on the flaws.
Defend your deepened heart.

No one
worth your time
will give a ****,

No one
worth your art
will give a fight,

Deep and directed,
do. Those deep
in the win or the lose
will see you
taking a tragic loss,
but you'll know.

And that's enough!

Oh my good ness
he/she, how ee gonna be?
God Almighty, shot
me, now I fall like lightning.
The mass effect
best keep you ***** earth low --
so make them fail:
haul all of your mines tow.
Anyone want a piece of this?
The more you *****,
the more I'll **** --
Home court, that's how it goes,
but on my court
you switch your roles.
Is the first base defense
another defensive pretense?

logic & respect
empathy --

expecting delivery,
goods given,
same goods returned.

I wanted to
merge into you,
the first sight
of your face.

Still do.
Still do.
I still do.
I still ******* do.

I want to
into you.
This happened before.
Your eyes. Your world.
Your lust. Your lies.
This happened before.
Your heart. Your hurt.
Your best. Your worst.
This happened before.
Your taste. Your scent.
Your loss. Your win.

One could say, I have a taste
for the familiar.
Grace, is still waiting alone,
for me to see my mistakes.


I see the shapes.
I see the forms.
I dip my toes in the destruction.
I fail, to be reborn.
Circus Who Cares
arrives by night, places
fliers in torchlight.

Circus Some ****
riding train. Look
where graffiti is facing.

It's true, tracks can divide.
John Hughes marketed lies.
It's true, it's difficult --

But in this cult, none of us
wants to be you.
F < |< 666
johnangelo Nov 2015
I write because you exist, It s because you hurt me and make me happy at the same time
Maybe we make life to complicated when
it s so simple
If you love someone tell them
If you miss someone tell them
If you care about her tell her
But me , I become so stupid that I lose a chance to be with her maybe for a lifetime
But I write this because my  tells something different
Until now this love is still begging for you to know
Until when ?
Until I write many poems about you
And show all it to you to make you feel how my love is deep for only you
real feelings dont just fade away it s a lifetime
Passionate kisses, touching, arousing, pleasing,
Leaving a trail of sensations, covering
Every inch of my body, finally being
Adored by your mouth, watching you
Sweat and starting to writhe, the pleasure is
Even more than I thought possible, ever.

From moments like that, to moments like these,
Usually, I'm not that much of a tease, please...
Come on, get a little closer, wrap me up in you,
Kick off the **** covers, I really wanna move

Moments are to be savored, with a sweet ****** thrill,
E**ven after I'm devoured, I want so much more, still....
My First Acrostic :)

— The End —