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Butch Decatoria Jul 2019
      Y a w n.

How I adore our meanderings.
Mornings of misfits, nomads,
waking to the sturdy fur of you,
     pecks, abs, inner thigh
body heat...

The world outside feels absent,
your hardness
your breath
itching against yesterday's 5-o'clock

We breakfast on such sensations satin
A thousand thread count
sifting in grips of sheets
silken dunes of flesh creamy hues
soft mounds from our twist
tethered limbs
then opening those passages
with French kisses
     and humid licks
our lips like
camelback & cobra songs
to Sahara
where we worship obelisks
until slumber
has rendered us
              stardust and sphinx
mused and fused - our flesh again
in hymns
     this Sunday morning...

Less stealth of night but copious
is touch
         slithering undulations
         of parched needs
for us to swim in the hunger of its seas
Since sensing sensual stiffness
     your shifting
            your shaft
my blood collects
    to tighten what is mine within

When this grabs hold of us
like the blinding noon
we forgive
           that it is Sunday
mourn that I thirst for you.

Such thickets of urges
   juicy sweet confection / completion's
masculine deprivation
         half grin half flurry,
                     No worry
displacing thoughts of infection
secure in our relations...

Stretching with both my hands
behind me
        gripping with claws of the passionate
buttocks raised (waiting for rain)
as if to be seen & named
      by the gods' - creative breath and shame
           I yearn for your embrace
Heaven forgive me
for the heaven he gives me...

as though we were the firmaments
      sky without permission (or air rights)
to fly
and in our rhythmic trance
we become Spartans
(with our war cry)
One defeat
          Shriven as we're falling
One choice to leap.

                          Exhale Olympus
Fallen pillars' hush.

Good morning, Love
   a taste of how Nirvana feels
constellations and the heavenly
Eyes open to take in my world.

Reaching for you

if just briefly knowing
the whole truth...
Revised repost.
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2017
Why can't i shake
This playfully ***** ghost
That i play host to?
I can ignore it for some time
But i find that i always hear
My innermost fantasies in my head
I guess you could say romance isn't dead
But quiet as its kept i love hearing my
Name in your breath
As we kiss and we playfully caress
Each other's lips, hips and *******
Stimulating a sensation that's just the best
Foreplay on our body as well as our minds
As i kiss up your thigh you say your hot wet hole is all mine
As i slide inside i whisper you look and feel divine

Boy, this ghost has me in a bind
NeroameeAlucard Sep 2016
What do I do
With these fantasies occupying my mind
I find its easier to express them in rhythmic rhyme
Because not doing so will make me feel like I'm overly drunk on wine
I'll admit that I'm kinda crazy but these thoughts make me rather hazy
And certainly you're not making my libido lazy
So what do I do
With these fantasies of you?
NeroameeAlucard Sep 2016
Your words were like this velvet glove
Silky and sultry, heavy on lust with subtle hints of something like love
The kind of hypnotism that could only have come from the stars above
Your voice was an aphrodisiac that couldn't be stopped, because the more I heard you speak with those trouble colored lips I felt like I smoked a spliff with some really good crop

My mind told me no, but my body couldn't bear for you to stop
So sensual, so seductive yet reserved at the same time
Like this velvet glove, you were aesthetically pleasing yet internally teasing at the same time
NeroameeAlucard May 2016
Now I could say that I simply thought purely of you

But we both know that would be a lie

I swear it's a nearly insurmountable task to just look at you
Without slowly ******* you with my eyes

There's just something so Hypnotizing
About those glasses covered hazel eyes

And just to sweeten the deal you really fill that outfit out with those thighs


Like I said I wish I could just think pure thoughts of you

But we both know that's a ****** lie
Ever see someone across a room that immediately hits all your buttons? Thats what this is
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2016
So I was hanging with my friends the other day
We were on a sledding hill where we talked and sat
I stood up for a second and one of them said,
How'd you get those marks on your back?

So i sat down again and indulged them,
I regaled to them this very ****** tale
It all started in my living room on a cold winters night
I know that description is stale

So It was hockey night in my house,
At the time no one was home
When I heard a loud knock at my door
I wasn't for long alone

A lovely girl I've known for a little while
Red hair, cute dimples and brown eyes
I invited her in and we began to eat
After we were finished I returned to my hockey night,

I was focused on the game, but she got my attention
I was wearing loose lounge pants, I failed to mention,
She took my member out, and played with it teasing
At this night it was her I would be pleasing

We started off on the couch, kissing each other, on my crotch she began to grind
I bit her lip and ****** on her neck
I was lust drunk and she was my wine

She slid my pants off of my body,
and she looked me dead in the eyes
She said "This here, is mine for tonight, and right now I'm going to ride"

She was so warm and so wet, it almost drove me crazy,
She bounced on me slow and then slightly faster,
She was definitely far from lazy

I was getting more and more excited, she wanted me to take control,
So we moved onto the floor
And I slid myself in and gave her *** from my heart and soul

But alas all good things must come to an end
Even great *** cannot last
So she rode me again, *******
And I released all over her tight ***
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2016
Lust is craving
The flesh of another
Lust is desiring
a late night lover

Lust is grinding and biting
And soaking covers
Lust Is moaning and begging
For the moon never to go under

Lust is powerful,
It's the mortals kryptonite
Lust has driven the best of us to madness
All over the experience of one night

Lust is desire,
expressed through the body
Lust is wanton sin that the devil
Wouldn't relish in
Lust is... this night
NeroameeAlucard Dec 2015
You ever make contact with someone
And you can already picture them bent over the sink lavishing in lust that's wanton?
Eye see that eye *** is a real problem
And one quite frankly I don't plan to solve Umm it's like window shopping, most people want what they cannot have
So it's sometimes very thrilling to mentally reach out and grab
That stranger on a train, or that beautiful attendant on the plane
And jump into that bathroom and **** until you've both gone insane
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2015
So you ripped my heart out of my chest
in a public area no ******* less
I'm hurt yeah, but I'm far from dead
so now I'm gonna **** with your head

That friend you have, the blonde with the curvy body
you may not know but I always thought she was a hottie
and before we met she actually told me she felt the same
So I called her up with fantasies untamed.

I took those pictures we took together then burned them on the beach,
I sold all the stuff I had bought you each and every jewellery piece,
And your friend? oh we ****** on your favorite sweater
so now until you wash it her ***** juices and smell will remain on it forever.

All the stuff we wanted to try? I did them all with her.
I tied her up, she did the same to me
and I caressed her every juicy curve.
At the office? oh yeah I ****** her at my desk,
you know the one thing we always wanted to try?
well I ravaged her at my desk, in front of my co-workers shocked and aroused eyes.

So thanks for breaking my heart you pitiful *****,
thank you for putting my dignity in a sling.
because I found out Over this week
is that revenge is a funny thing...
Once again word to ****** for inspiration
NeroameeAlucard May 2015
**** now we're outside the bar
**** now we're in the car
**** now we're talking *****
**** this is gonna go far

**** now we're at your house
******* just threw off your blouse
**** now we're on the couch
**** now I'm ***** as a hyperactive mouse

**** your ***** tastes so good
**** your soft, ready for my wood
**** your so ******* tight!
this is probably gonna last all night
So clearly im *****...
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