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Loss of free time
Losing  that never was
Nigdaw Sep 18
There is calm

early september pushes summer's
burning sun aside
light changes
air cools, like chilled water
on skin, drink it in

autumn beckons
winter threatens

there is a sadness in your heart
as the world changes
an eternal cycle of hellos
and goodbyes
punctuated with days
that you stick into that memory
scrapbook, which may or may not fade

but now there is this stillness
nothing is happening
before all Hell lets loose
I can be happy
savour a moment
a moment of truth.
kiran goswami Feb 23
You drink my apologies every time they are offered
and savour the taste of every sip that contains
one tablespoon of my blood
a pinch of my bruises.
Johnny walker Feb 22
I know there are times many times I show my
sadness through my
words but It's my way
of surviving
In these so very difficult days we live and of cause extremely dangerous times we all face every
But there Is still so much love In this world sometimes we all have to dig a bit deeper to find It but It's there waiting to be found
I was lucky and found It through poetry writing
and made so many amazingly talented friends
One very special friend In America
That's has all come from poetry writing Insperation
from my wife started writing tribute poems to her
And never look back I have found poetry and I'm happy, there was a time I'd never even read a poem, let alone wrote one but I've
seen the light and that light being poetry
Found poetry writing through dad circumstances the loss of my wife but found a peace In writing poems of Helen
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
╰⊰✿´ℒ♡ⓥℯ '✿⊱╮
Slim, flavoured meringue cookies
Smooth top, chewy mid
Petite, but perfectly round
Filled with buttercream
Ribbon-soft in mouth
Take two bites
Third Epulaeryu for the day on Macarons!
Love these! They're a guilty pleasure! ^-^
Lyn ***
Liis Belle Jun 2015
Let’s stop
Time for a moment
Why always rush?
Reality is a torment
Listen to the hush
Of complete silence
If you listen closely
There is always a difference
In the way something sounds
The way the air feels
There is so much that
The outside world conceals

Why must we be
Always keen to go
To the next place, why don’t we
Ever take things slow?
Why don’t we
Take time off the frets
Savour the little moments
We’d otherwise forget?  

And have you
Just skimmed through these words?
No time to read aloud
You don’t want to be heard
Isn’t it just
A part of your mind?
A system forbidding you
To slow or rewind

You’ll always skip through
Let the words blur your sight
And you would continue
To read it all quickly
No matter
How detached
Are these
Äŧül Feb 2015
Experiencing the love we share,
Encouraging only the positivity,
Explicitly repelling opposed air,
Embalming only the negativity,
Effecting the feelings that glare.

We savour that sweetness now.
My HP Poem #790
©Atul Kaushal
Passionate kisses, touching, arousing, pleasing,
Leaving a trail of sensations, covering
Every inch of my body, finally being
Adored by your mouth, watching you
Sweat and starting to writhe, the pleasure is
Even more than I thought possible, ever.

From moments like that, to moments like these,
Usually, I'm not that much of a tease, please...
Come on, get a little closer, wrap me up in you,
Kick off the **** covers, I really wanna move

Moments are to be savored, with a sweet ****** thrill,
E**ven after I'm devoured, I want so much more, still....
My First Acrostic :)

— The End —