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Dayda Oct 4
Loss causes grief
One can suffer loss from death
Broken relationships

Grieving is the process after the loss
Done in so many ways
Some are more extreme than others
More verbal whilst some are more silent

It's difficult and different
For each and every soul
Some take longer than others
Whereas some are better at hiding

Don't judge
Don't criticize
Don't say otherwise
Don't compare

Let them heal at their own pace
Let them feel every emotion
Let yourself cry all out
Let yourself go

It's ok
Take your time
Build up that facade
It's ok
Live every moment
Cry when you have to
Sing if you feel it's best
Visit that grave if you need to
Pray as much as you can
It's ok
It will be ok
It's really ok

I lost my mom a year plus ago. Still coping and grieving. It will never go away. But I get to see how others do it too. And I find it really beautiful. Because we have our own way to celebrate and remember her. Not just about losing her. But how she made us who we are now. I miss you mom. Always and always.
Dayda Sep 23
I've been with you for more than 10 years
From day one I was just average
I didn't even want to grow
Living one day at a time

But life got really, really hard
I found myself being at a crossroad
To retract a step would mean I lost
But the front was dark and lightless

I decided to move forward still
Really because of my tiny one
And that just changed the course of my life
I was relentless and driven to soar

Years go by with many achievements
Some were so immensely proud I am forever grateful
But that path was filled with tears and breakdowns
Some were seen, most were hidden

I just moved forward without hesitation
But somehow I just can't, just can't anymore
I don't have that glow, not anymore
Really didn't enjoy it, just no more

Hence I decided to give a go
With all my might and prayers to God
May this new path be better
But really there's never a guarantee

I leave you with a very heavy heart
Day in and day out I just persevere
Hope it will go on, filled with success and more
Because really, that is my ultimate goal

It's never really a goodbye
More to see you soon
Never really apart
Just a tiny bit distanced

Thank you
For all and all and just all
For giving me the room to grow
Thank you
Why I left. Why I just can't anymore.
Dayda Sep 16
You make me feel

Like singing Simply Red's song
Like rolling my eyes
Like smiling out of nowhere
Like smirking in silence

You make me feel

Like endlessly waiting
Like talking out loud
Like wearing my best outfit
Like frowning with small eyes

You make me feel

Like I am always taken care of
Like I can say whatever
Like I will not be judged
Like I will always be loved

You make me feel

Like me
The old me
The new me
Just like me
You. Only you. Always and always.
Dayda Sep 13
Who is it?

The one who will make you crumble

The one who will make you feel bad

The one who will bring you down

Who is it?

The one who will make you happy

The one who will make you feel alright

The one who will bring you up

Who is it?


It is your ownself

No one else

Just you
My mentor passed away recently. She wrote me a letter to state all this.

Few days after, my current coach and mentor said the same thing.

We are our own worst enemies.
Dayda Sep 8
Who are you?

Why do you irk me?

What did I ever do to you?

How long must I be patient?

When will you ever stop?

Why do you irk me?
To anyone who irks me. Ya. This is for you.
Dayda Aug 27

Out of breath

Heart beating so fast

Permanent frown on the forehead

Gasping for air

Painful eyeballs

Agonizing migraine



When I am overwhelmed, I have all these
Dayda Aug 1
Who would have thought balloons can evoke such emotions

Helium filled colourful balloons
Balloons with notes and kind wishes
Balloons tied together with matching ribbons

I've never received balloons before
Today I received some
One with 'You are fabulous' some more

Who would have thought balloons evoke such deep feelings
Fabulous indeed
I do feel that now
Small. Little. Tiny.
May be huge to the recipient.
Reminder to always share the love and make others be reminded of their self worth
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