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Anais Vionet Dec 2020
I have several toxic habits - I know - because I read this article on the web.
It’s a miracle I’m not an axe murderer, based on what the experts said.

I use “should” biased judgements - when things go amiss.
I think about the future, when settling down to rest.
I obsess on defining the “best part” in each of my experiences.
I often think in poetic terms  - which has driven wise men delirious.
I have nova bursts of interest - which escalate into crushes.
I keep a mental list of incidents which, if left unmanaged, lead to grudges.

The flaws go on and on - God, I simply am a mess.
I need to face my many flaws so that they might be addressed.

Do you think anyone is ever perfect?
Is it like playing whack-a-mole?

So that no one ever ends up perfect - they simply end up old?
It's hard sometimes to recognize my own faults - they're like blind-spots.
Zoe Grace Jun 2019
My arm is healed now.
Thats a good thing right?
There are no more angry red lines
There is no more itching
There aren't even traces of the scars.
I can wear short sleeves again.  

I swore it was a one time thing.
"Never again, you have my word",
I promised to the loved ones i had shown.

So why do i feel like
I want to paint my skin in red stripes once more?
They've only just healed... why do i want to put more in their place?
Karisa Brown Jul 2018
Unknown persuasions
Unlit candlesticks
No vacancy
Here at the
State Of Normalcy
I can see your flaws
But do you know what.
I still  respect you.
I will always love you.
Here I go again

And  more bread
Things have gotten
Out of control
Please help someone
Can't we begin
A programme on here.

Just need a little bit of inspiration
A little bit of encouragment
A push in the right direction
Then I can make a start
Stress makes me eat sweet things
But bad habit to
Need to break the habit of  eating unhealthy ...

— The End —