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(Land that doth marry mother lode
of sublime earthen land and sea).

Age of exploration
   ushered cruel fate
   against “red” men living
   in bliss by agents

   patch of eden north
   o Mason Dixon line
   latitude: 39.64839
   longitude: -75.95591 alee

perchance designed
   by divine providence
   with dyslexic humorous bents
   Cecil county Maryland

   lies like plump backward letter “e”
witnessed topographic erosion
   pocked imprimatur marked
   meteorological dents

   thru inundation of
   oceanographic propensities
   melding coastline like Galilee
in particular by Chesapeake Bay,

   that body of water
   abutting like natural fence
   first witnessed by captain
   John Smith in 1608

   mistaking himself tong tied
   in sole of Italy
learned faux pas, when crossing paths
   with Susquehannas hence,

   offered tobacco sticks to natives
   while recovering
   from injured wounded knee
said other sundry tribes curiously eyed
then (I utilized poetic license)
took smoke from packet of Kents
   which twist on actual
   historical facts manipulated by me
but more truthful account awash
   and replete with more

   than interspersed nonsense
   and incorporates tract situated
   in so called Fertile Crescent – see
settled by Europeans of English stock,

   who emigrated with nary a pence
   “taming” shrew like “noble savages”
    plied Leviathan sized ukuleles
whose might exploited for felling forests,
   which timber built cabins with vents.
bloodied fingers madly claw
caskets hermetically sealed
   bullet riddled bodies crazily didst draw
triggered bloodshed tsunami,

   where logic insists there must be a flaw
precious priceless proud loved ones demise
   festers "stunned disbelief" to gnaw
perhaps shell shocked next of kin

   utter primal wails resemble distorted hee haw
lifeless loved ones alive just moments ago,
   these special darlings (dozen plus youth)
   premature death deprived

   never delight one or more in-law
whereat deceased brides and grooms
   denied pledging troth
   from permanently stilled jaw,

while bereaved
   inconsolably cry deafeningly, drenching
   cloths cupping raw cheeks,
   a cruel prank sans burden ****** upon a maw
(whose womb once housed
   forever lifeless son or daughter),
rigor mortis out buzzfeeds Stihl chain saw

shrieking, how,
   this "NON FAKE" living nightmare
cast an excruciating pall,
   whence diabolic demons lear
into the opened seam,

   where under a sheltering sky Gaia doth hear
the deafening lament against
   a cool, calm and collected
   frenzied maniac whose flare
ring nostrils adrip with rage

   exchanged slugs of lead for dear
lee departed souls,
   where dark clouds may never clear
as the living suffer horrendous psychic hemorrhage
   agonizingly bid their own
   flesh and blood affixed atop a bier.

— The End —