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Abunde Oct 2021
The shine in your eyes
The warmth of your smile
Your beauty doth rise
And I quiver within

The touch never felt
The scent never smelt
The kindness on your glimmer
The strength in your stare

The kiss I fantasize
Your body so distant
The texts so priceless
That feeling inside

The sound of your voice
The love in your words
The serenity in your stride
Compassion in your embrace

Your calming presence
The melody of you beating heart
The promise of tomorrow
So we chase forever

The magic in your being
All the beauty within
Should you die with me
I'll burry you inside
Show then love of you love them
Abunde Jul 2021
The sugared scent of your skin is in full bloom
Your natural fragrance never seems to fade
I can't overpower your absence in this room
The ghost of your shadow haunts me
But still, I'd give up forever to see the moment of truth in your eyes

I don't want the world to see me without you, for you are the one who fills my life with colour and without you I'm colorblind.
Abunde Jun 2021
Once upon a time, there was a little me
A courageous little dude that caught a bee
It buzzed, and buzzed in the jar
It buzzed and buzzed till it fell onto the floor
The jar broke and it flew right out the door
I tried to catch but it was too fast
I chased it on my bicycle till my tire burst
Watched it fly higher than a kite
It flew far out of sight
I couldn't catch the bee
And again it was just lonely me
She is the bee and I the catcher, hoping to be, I let go just to hold on
Abunde May 2021
Lost, I wasn't looking for you
In the dark, I search for you blind
Looking for love, I found your appeal
Beautifully broken and vulnerable
Lonely and seeking, only to be loved
              "so lone I drown in the side effect
              Burning in the fummimg fire
             Of everything I thought  was perfect"

Abunde May 2021
Like a white rose planted in the deep end of the ocean,
in the dark, gracefully swirling the breeze;
a soft dance to the melody of sentiments, withering not but glowing beautifully asunder
Rooted beneath waters deep, moist beach sands below sea levels and under
I want her so badly
Abunde Feb 2021
Giving cracks a chance
Through the distance
Learning to fight the curse
With violence
Hasty love in the deep end
Oceans beneath and outter space
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Abunde Feb 2021
One star from the innumerable has fallen
But I will not let it die
The beauty and the memory shall not depart
In mine heart will it dine  
The seed has fallen from the sky
And my tears have watered the ground in which it will root
The soil is fertile now
And everything you have planted in me will surely grow
To the fallen, it will be fruitful for the sky is always blue
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