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Sabbathius Jan 2016
Around around, these stairways down the void
This relic hid, it must not be destroyed!
I keep the candles lit to guide the way
They follow straight behind in silent pray

It is my one and only task, my role!
It is the purpose of my very soul
I sweep these beaten steps in every side
Await arrival of new ones to guide

Whoever they may be, I welcome all!
And do my best to keep them standing tall
When finding hard to keep a steady pace
They trust the healing powers of this place

When languish weighs enough to shed a tear
Their spirit-selves depart and spawn in here
This realm provides the means to cure their ills
Without the need of dulling pain with pills

Proceeding slowly on this soothing trip
In state of trance, descending further deep
Forgetting lies, betrayals, plots and schemes
Embracing peace of mind in midst of dreams

*Keeper of the Mourners Haven by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
  Nov 2015 Sabbathius
Mike Essig
Waking to birdsong and morning's promise,
the whispering breeze and murmuring light
dispels the fog of the evening's gloom,
the shaking terrors of the dreaming night.
Ghosts visit in the trembling darkness
and remain until they are chased away
by a soft explosion of solar hope,
by the advent of an untouched day.
To wake is to make a fresh pact with life,
to attempt to find a new way to see,
to take up the journey once again,
to struggle for another day to be.
Like the helpless moth to the fire drawn,
I cannot say no to the voice of dawn.
  - mce
  Oct 2015 Sabbathius
Remember, some line up.
Line up and wait for their own day in hell.
They scream for victory.
The far away deep, lost heart places that  
dry up fast when cowards are left to tend them.

Accelerating, gnarled prizes, metal and tubes,
wires and guts and brains that smoke the sun's color,
losing it in the pitch of the rainbow-slicked sludge.
Up, up, and away, a dark celebration in song, something
shouted gleefully at the sky on the way to the gallows.

Desire, hate, and the teasing, fatted, greasy greed,
they all feed the Black God's Mirth, they'd better.
They'd better know he'll consume them as quick,
when the hard, cold mud-water fist envelops them
embraces them, makes them still again.

Don't waste your deep song throats on a trivial Godsson,
humanity-theif or cracked up narc, discarding dignity
as quickly as you give it up. Don't do it.
Give him breathmints and soap and humility, please.
He needs those.  

Don't take anything that isn't yours or can't be sold
quickly, easily locally. The bedroom path is
strewn with flowers no one loves
You are worth a little revenge now and then, get some.
Talk??? It's cheap ****. No one's buying.
Roughly composed in the parking lot of the Port Orchard Shari's, in the wee hours before dawn on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014, not because the idea is great or good or even anything at all, but because it was very necessary that I do something quiet, non-violent and not considered a felony in Washington State. I won (sort of, I didn't talk to any cops or wind up in jail that night) that struggle and the result is this piece of crap. Suggestions welcome. Seriously.
  Oct 2015 Sabbathius
I know...
I am not one of the pages of your book
or the words in your poem
I will tirelessly watch over you from every nook.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the potrait you are painting
or the inspiration behind your masterpieces
in my heart , it is your name I am engraving.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the reason for your smiles
or the tickles of your laughter
for you, I would walk a thousand miles.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not your shining star
or the light in your life
till forever is through, I'll admire you from afar.

I know I am your never
but you will forever be my always...

I know...
I am not the one your heart beats for
or the one you desire
my hearts says as long as it brings you happiness,
it wants nothing more.

I know I am your never
**but you will forever be my always...
"Every feeling unreturned has its own rainbow."
Let your heart lead the way...
  Aug 2015 Sabbathius
Juan Albarran
Do you feel joy when joy has left the world?
Do you know all the mysteries of life
That fate bestows upon our flimsy heart?
The noise of crowded streets and busy days,
The wails of suffering, the cries of pain;
The sighs of love abandoned and of death,
The tears that fall when innocence is lost—
The endless joys of youth and of old age,
The laughter children laugh from day to day;
The day of birth, the night to pass away—
These songs that every day we sing again
Are those that that sing of pure humanity.

For what is joy without a mournful day,
And what is life without a time for death?
And what is peace, and purity and hope
Without the perils of despair and woe?

Now turn your heart to transcendental gleam,
And close your eyes to live that endless dream.
On the joys and wails of everyday life.
Sabbathius Aug 2015
I'm here to set all matters right!
For years and years I'll keep this fight!
To bring this city’s **** to light!
To strike them down with righteous might!

These parasites who live concealed
Shall never see their dreams fulfilled!
Shall dig them out, the hand of God!
Shall punish them, the holy rod!

Impending wrath will swiftly fall!
Undo mischiefs of those who crawl!
Defilers of the sacred code,
Are those who I completely loathe!

It is not late, although, to turn
To save yourselves from certain burn!
Receive the blessing of Our Lord
And He’ll put down His fiery sword

From now until the very end
To all of you, my help I’ll lend
The city walls I shall defend!
Be sure! They will forever stand!

*The High Fanatic Speaks... by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
This is merely a work of fiction. I am an atheist myself, and it is not at all my goal to turn someone to any group of beliefs.

I have a made a contest out of this poem in another community. In case you are interested:
Sabbathius Jul 2015
So cruel and ruthless,
So ugly and toothless!
Such Ice-cold betrayers,
Such chronic naysayers!
Band of pesky thieves
And withered old leaves!

Chaos ocean-wide!
Demons side by side!
A sailing black cyst
Pushes through the mist
Such anger and strife,
Threatens all sea-life!

A curse compels them
To shoot, thrash and ram
Every ship on sight!
Every passing night,
The waters run red
With all the crews dead!

Souls forever snared!
Never really cared!
With each raid fulfilled
Their decay is healed
Life-force of those slain,
Used to mend their pain!

Sickness of the sea!
Spreading wild and free!
Death lies in its wake,
The whole world’s at stake!
None can slow its course,
None can stop this force!

*Sea-lurking Terror by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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