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Aug 2015
I'm here to set all matters right!
For years and years I'll keep this fight!
To bring this city’s **** to light!
To strike them down with righteous might!

These parasites who live concealed
Shall never see their dreams fulfilled!
Shall dig them out, the hand of God!
Shall punish them, the holy rod!

Impending wrath will swiftly fall!
Undo mischiefs of those who crawl!
Defilers of the sacred code,
Are those who I completely loathe!

It is not late, although, to turn
To save yourselves from certain burn!
Receive the blessing of Our Lord
And He’ll put down His fiery sword

From now until the very end
To all of you, my help I’ll lend
The city walls I shall defend!
Be sure! They will forever stand!

*The High Fanatic Speaks... by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
This is merely a work of fiction. I am an atheist myself, and it is not at all my goal to turn someone to any group of beliefs.

I have a made a contest out of this poem in another community. In case you are interested:
Written by
Sabbathius  Portugal
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