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Dongdongi Ralte Jun 2020
Oh what it takes to be extreme!
To be euphoric one day
And then be wistfully tragic the other.
To be a hopeless romantic
When the moon rises ;
And then to believe in nothing at all
At the golden dawn .
To love you with every pound of my flesh
And then feel nothing with your soul after
Dongdongi Ralte May 2020
And i am here;
Silently gasping in this thin air.
Everybody's on the other side,
Looking at me with a carefree smile
Thinking i got life handled just fine.
When i am nothing but an absolute chaos,
Barely grasping on to dear life,
Praying for my sweet end every night.
Whatever struggle you're dealing with right now, i'm so frickin amazed by how strong you are. Look at you, still surving despite all the hardships. You're a badass and a real fighter!
Dongdongi Ralte May 2020
What will i ever do,
When i am so much enchanted by you?
Even though i have a soul so dreary,
I tend to be blithesome at the sight of you.

Oh tell me what i ever need to do
To be the one destined for you?
If only i could bid these emotions adiew,
I would endure less than i need.
There was this boy way way way out of my league i had a crush on or rather i was afraid to have a crush on. But we'd talk sometimes and i found him so gold, so pure. But then i realise i was catching feelings and i denied it since he was heaven and i was just a pebble.
Dongdongi Ralte May 2020
I often envisioned us together ;
You were a poem i was madly in love with.
I could see the verses in your eyes,
Oh with just three words you'd be mine.
Sadly, i was just another forgotten rhyme.

— The End —