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Dream Sep 2018
I once heard one broken heart say to another broken heart that ''i wish we were not made of glass''.
Only a broken heart understands the plight of another.
km Jul 2018
why do I get this feeling
that maybe there's still something there
but I also get a vibe from you
that you don't want anything
I'm so confused
can you please just be straight up with me
and not leave me feeling confused?
im so confused man
J Rodriguez Jun 2018
I fall apart when I take a couple sips can’t help to think how hurt I feel take one more to see if I can go into this different world of no feelings try to forget where I’m at the moment and just float away .Take a sip of *** cause I don’t like anything clear. Take another sip you can’t get near, thoughts running through my brain can’t control it but to fear always open up and break into tears
Ineffable Soul Mar 2018
Uncovering honest words to write
Deep down inside
Far from reach far from sight
Debbie Brindley Mar 2018
My poetry sorrowful
my life my muse
writing of my sadness
helps dispense my mournful blues
It really does surprise me how writing poetry makes me feel
Expressing my emotions
in words
is helping me to heal
Poetry helping get through the tough times
writing poems is pretentious they say,
did you know?

apparently I'm stuck up my own ***
if I don't

sorry you act to good to express how
you really feel

you think its 'gay' and 'pathetic'?
well okay

say what you want
I dont care

it makes me feel alive
do you like feeling dead?

it's like your thoughts come to life

and it feels so real

I feel sorry for you,
if you think you're too good to express

or maybe on the other end
you're just too insecure to address?
One man Oct 2017
Fear I may be less man more beast
as this is not natural to me at least
Used to hundreds of image's a time
now think in words to try to rhyme

To adapt and try this is my choice
but usually I have no inner voice
Instead of images to re arrange
to think in words it feels so strange

I hear talk yet my mouth doesn't move
as I try to word the words so smooth
For me this isn't easy it is a fight
to stop pictures appearing as I write

Writer I am not nor poet neither
in fact what I am can be no clearer
Ape in clothing and under educated
We know it's fact and now it's stated

These words I still now try to create
But please remember as I did state
This isn't easy all though no exam
but only hairless Humanzee I am

© One man
I am trying despite this being difficult to me
Brandee Oct 2017
Why are people so afraid to feel?
Is it so intimidating to express something real?
Emotions that aren't artificial?

Every day I see people hide
From their true feelings inside
They wear a mask and do not handle repressed emotions from the past

Instead they take it out on the people of the present
We treat each other like peasants
Like no one will ever be good enough to break down our walls
Even though we all have flaws

We must except the past for what it is
Learn from it
Do not be consumed by it
Strength follows with every stab to the heart that wasn't fatal
Every rock that we hit when we were at the bottom
Grieving is nessitsary
But it should only be temporary

Feeling is such a beautiful thing.
It lets us know that we are alive
Why do so many people enjoy being dead on the inside?

Shutting out emotions will stunt your personal growth
To not feel,
Then you must not be real.
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