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I fight my own demons I rather deal with them my self.
I’m slowly but surely learning to love my self .
I hope one day he realizes that the way he treated me and made me feel was so messed up I hope karma knocks on his door and feels the same pain I felt and all the tears I cried he crys I hope I pop up in his head when he realizes that was the same way he made me feel I leave it to karma and god he sees everything
Once in my lifetime i wasn’t happy with my self and who I’ve became weak, sad, depressed, I felt worth less angry, and alone just because one person that I fell for made me feel so low about my self never again will I ever let some one put me down to the point where I drop my crown never again will I ever not know my worth !
JRaw Rodriguez Nov 2018
He made me feel low even at my worst
He made me feel worthless
He made me feel pain
He made me feel unwanted
He disrespected me
He was never honest
He said he will always change
He would call me mean names
He would yell at me for no reason
He made me think that I couldn’t live without him
If things didn’t go his way there was no way.
He was always cranky
He made me cry every night
He would hide everything
He would always accuse me
He try to destroy me
He would call me crazy
He did so much to me that I thought one day he would change
Don’t ever burn yourself to keep others warm cause at the end it’s only you ! It took me years with being with this person to realize he was never going to change .i up lifted my self from this toxic relationship and left it hurts to see people are just heartless and love to take advantage of people and sometimes it has to do with mental illness and trauma they had in the pass lady’s and men don’t stay in a toxic relationship run as far as you can !I made a promise to my self that I would never look back to what broke me at one time.
JRaw Rodriguez Nov 2018
gave you all the love i had in me did my best at all times nobody is perfect but as soon as i did one little thing wrong i was the bad guy but when you hide your kids from a relationship i see you as a different person what did i do to ever deserve this pain you have a whole family and now i have to carry with this pain but at the same time i feel so ****** i knew something wasn't right in this relationship but i stayed through it because i loved you but i cant continue to hurt my self over people I've been nice for to long time to change the papers for once.some times god bring people into your life to make you learn a lesson and mines is for not to trust or give my all to someone ima always keep my distance past years ive wasted on a person that was never their for me judges me for anything the toxic person will always blame you and will try to manipulate you in all types of ways .
JRaw Rodriguez Nov 2018
i had to hold my tears in so many times that its getting worst by the day i was always the tough one now look at me holding so much pain in me ..
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