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J Rodriguez Aug 10
I remember when I would look for healing on those who broke me
J Rodriguez May 14
April 17 2019
It took me 4 years to get over this relationship to realize how blind i was the whole time he didnt love me all he would do it disrespect me i learned that i have to say no to what i don't like of feel comfortable with the person i was with he would always put me down i remember a cab guy told me sometimes it's not all about the money which didn't make sense to me because i'm not a gold digger but now i understand what he meant to say about that i needed to move on from this toxic relationship. I want better for my self men wise and respectful wise . i live and i learn i hope to never do this mistake again i need to stop picking the wrong guys an i would not tolerate a rude men and talks down to a women when mad i would not deal with all of that NO NO i felt humiliated with him he made me feel like **** even if he was sweet at times he would turn sour quick .f it's a turnoff for me .one time we went to the mall u know what he did he made me hold all his bags in front of people so embarrassing until i told him to hold his **** im not a slave like WOW nobody would believe me when i say i been through *******. He would always blame me call me crazy for always being right
J Rodriguez May 14
Sometimes its not worth swimming far for someone.
J Rodriguez May 14
I’ve seen the people that mean the most to me get destroyed in front of me. what kills me the most is I couldn’t do anything .I’ve seen someone break down in my arms what kills me the most I can’t heal their wounds.
J Rodriguez May 14
I've opened up to the wrong people in my life now i'm completely shut down when it comes to the past ,present ,and future i move quietly azabache always with me to much evilness.
J Rodriguez Feb 14
I fight my own demons I rather deal with them my self.
J Rodriguez Feb 10
I’m slowly but surely learning to love my self .
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