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Nicola pentland Jun 2019
Don't worry about me
I'll be just fine you see
I've felt this pain before
Right down in my core

Don't worry about me
I'm as happy as can be
Okay I lied but so what
It's better than saying I'm not
Nicola pentland Jun 2019
When it's me, Who is there?
When it's me, Who will care?
It's a heavy load to bare
Especially when there's no one there

When you feel so down and hollow
It is a bitter pill to swallow
Overcome by masses of sorrow
Hoping the sun will come tomorrow

Lonely as the rising sun
Lonely as soon as the day begun
Feeling like theres nowhere to run
Not being able to have any fun

When it's me, who will be there?
When it's me, who will care?
Nicola pentland Jun 2019
The girl in the glass box

She can't escape,
no way out,
Shes definitely stuck,
There's no doubt,
Can you hear her?
Not even if she shouts

Feeling the weight from every pane,
She tries and tries,
To remember her own name
She cries and cries,
Ready to go insane

Frantically she scrambles all around,
Afraid of what will come,
Afraid to look down,
all around her all she can see,
the face of a girl bearing a frown,

But deep down she knows,
As the feeling grows,
One day the glass will shatter
One day this all wont matter!!

— The End —