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Mike Groves Sep 2019
This brokenness inside would be kindling for fire,
that tiny spark that lit it all would come from our chains;
True companionship was something I strongly desired,
But vulnerability I thought it needed to be contained;

I learned to be uncomfortable, to truly perspire,
To share in what I thought was vain;

If I had known what I would've acquired,
My secrets I would've never retained;

Now I’d found a place to retire,
A feeling I can’t explain,
I'd found a place where love was the occupier,
somewhere I could remain.
Mike Groves Jul 2019
The thoughts in my mind continually race;
I need something to slow down this awful pace;
I need to hear the crashing of the waves;
maybe a peaceful mountaintop where you just sit and gaze;
Just something to give my mind some space;
A way to empty my mind, like a runner does his legs;
The kind of quiet where if you pause it gives you grace;
for me this peace was never a specific place;
it could be staring at the sky, burning in the sun's rays;
it could be a memory that lasted a second but to me it was days;
something to make me feel small, like I've vanished from my body without a trace;
My mind can float safely here as writing is My escape.
Mike Groves Jan 2019
It’s on the tip of my tongue,
I know it I swear, the words aren’t missing,
they’re just not there, on the tip of my tongue,
I believe I know where,
I'll find them in the dark skies or in my blank stare.
Please send up a light or some kind of flare,
end this cycle of searching,
searching for what is rare.

Words that I’ll be searching for for a while,
Surprised that I’m locked in, like juvenile,

I’ll be Stuck in a constant rewind,
until we've left this topic behind.
Then I'll remember and say remember that time,

Eventually, Ill be able to speak effortlessly again
of course it'll happen after this conversation ends.
Just heard the phrase tip of my tongue and was inspired to try to write about it. Can’t really count the number of times I’ve been lost for words or can’t think of the words to say.
Mike Groves Aug 2018
In order to expose my heart and truly write,
I must release my status or my pride,
this is not about me,
it was never meant to be a way to gain recognition,
another way for me to perform on a stage, some sort of exhibition.
Yet I find myself hesitating to write my thoughts,
trying to impress people I don't even know,
It was only meant to be an outlet a therapy for me, never some sort of show,
but like everything I have ever done somehow Id rather waste my time trying to impress. My guilty conscience driving me to be truly under duress. Forced to hold back the leanings of my heart I merely release a fluffy worthless shallow piece. I will not be stifled, held down by my need to please, my ribs will not rupture under this pressure as I try to breathe. I must write with heart and soul or not at all.
So this is my open message to you pride, no matter how many times I fool myself into putting on your mask, I promise, your control over me will not last.
I will take you off just as quickly as I put you on because I want someone who reads these to truly see me. To see me with all of my scars misfortunes and faith, I will put my heart out, I will never aspire to be fake.
Mike Groves Jun 2018
Choose to love,
Choose to treat others like each interaction matters,
"How are you" should mean something,
rather than the latter,
The brief moment where your eyes meet,
let your souls see one another,
Genuine people are becoming a dying breed,
We'd rather share a brief lie neglect our need.
Choose Love
Choose kindness
Not loving people that just fit your requirements.
The choices we make every day will define who we are.
Mike Groves Jun 2018
Whisper yet again in my ear tell me I'm not enough!
Deceive my spirit I'll know your hurtful touch!

you don't deserve a word let alone a poem!
Tell me once again how I don't deserve happiness,
that I should question my inherent worth
and think I deserve to be consistently hurt.

Devil you whisper in my ear,
Tell me lies I do not need to hear,
I cast ye from my spirit!
for you do not belong here!
Christ has come to set me free
and it has already been done
it is finished indeed!
I am whole, I am loved, and I am me.
When I struggle with self doubt it is simply an attack on my spirit. I wrote this for me but if it helps you I'm happy.
Mike Groves Jun 2018
We're too focused to take a breath,
to revel in the breeze,
we'll chase this to our death,
rather than our dreams,
Our search for happiness and adventure gone,
instead we bide our time,
wait around til we're 65,
then we can be truly alive.

our sense of adventure traded for small escapes,
were it up to us would we choose this fate?

We lose sight of our connections,
our relationships being built on proximity
rather than intimacy.

When did we become so concerned with this disease,
this great epidemic,
spreading with ease,
Like a wildfire crackling up, branch to branch,
setting flame to the trees.
I hope one day we'll all see
that being too busy will **** our society.
We'll turn from this and choose to share,
Love will be the priority,
but you get to choose,
so choose wisely.
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