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david mungoshi Jan 2016
Comrades and friends
What seems to be
Is not what really is
When I fall into a hole
You’ve dug for me
You are with me in it
When the swell of the tide
Sweeps me away into oblivion
You dare not rejoice
For the same tide
Will hasten your passage
When it’s your time
Those that harm the body
Only scratch the outer shell
Inside where I reside
I remain beautiful and unscathed
And live to fight another day
Propelled by you *****-nilly
To other realms
In other dimensions
Thus accomplish I
What you fear to contemplate
Mine is a feat for all time
While you wonder and speculate
Endlessly ...
Poetic Artiste Mar 2015
I love endlessly,
I am yours as much as you are mine.
Your happiness is my happiness,
Your pain, as well, is mine.
One word with a Million Meanings...
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
It's impossible and                                                                                                    I emphasize on the impossibility of                                                                        Conquering good thoughts anytime                                                                      Simply because they carry inside them                                                                  True love that we sometimes lack ...                                                                      Those thoughts that are not easy to conquer ,then                                                They will remain endlessly with their permanent light                                       That guides us into the straight path ...                                                                  No one has the ability to abolish good thoughts                                                   That hug us and they even embrace us endlessly ...
Charlie Dec 2014
Is life about
Getting everything you
Ever wanted,

                                                        ­                                      Or endlessly chasing
                                                         ­                                              What you could
                                                           ­                                          Only ever dream
                                                           ­                                                                 ­ Of?
Sometimes it is better to be miserable because it makes you appreciate the times when you're not.
idyllicrainydays Oct 2014
tell me again the words you said that night,
you still sound so sweet and right.
but you've changed a lot one day,
when i gave you my heart and you didn't stay.

i cried so many tears and died inside,
when i thought of you and i can't decide,
if i should let go or hold on once more,
because i can't endure the pain anymore.

those sleepless nights that you're in my head,
i hope i'll be in your dreams when you lay in bed.
and how i wish i was there,
to say to you that i still care.

and still, i will love you endlessly
until you love me  *unconditionally
i wrote this for him, that ******.
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2014
Words smoothly floating
On the waters
Endlessly travelling
Looking for lovers
To cherish them in their hearts
Before giving them meaning
In sore lips
In lonely paper
They come to life
And learn to swim.

Am I to find correlation
   in your seeming eccentricity?
You love me, but we can't be
   so what am I supposed to think?
This is the most childishly drug out *******, and, yes, I understand
But I don't know what to do
   although, you always knew:
Keeping me tethered to a memory
   through both letters and my insecurities.
Giving me just enough
to question your intentions
      but not your love
         I need this.
Clindballe Jun 2014
Written: June 5. - 2014

— The End —