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RenzoAndy Mar 2019
Missing you not making me falling apart
Wanting you not tearing my longing heart
Being far from you hardening my lovely art
Loving you just living my life like a lovely mart

Crowding people but still make no hollow
Crawling thought but still easily to follow
Hearing from far, yet still can go low
Longing of your love, yet still feel the pillow

This is how the lovely love of us
Love that has the worthy trust
Worth of live without a hungry fast
Sparks that has no limit of a must

Flowing the flows like the fountain love
Feeling the feels like new found in love
This is how love of us
This is new love for us

Love that re-new every day
Love the re-grow every day

This is our lovely love
RenzoAndy Mar 2019
In the morning i always see you in mind
In the downing i always need you to be find
Lots of the problems is you for the answers
Lots of the stumbles is you as my finders

Cold bring us the way to find the blankets
Summer bring us the nights of our crickets
Far from you is not our way to find our self
Far from us is not the way to be a truly self

Time is the answer of our journey in a true love
Miles are the distance of us to maintain the lough
I know our paths were not the bible of a heaven
I knew our past was not the stumble of a craven

But as us growing deeper in love
But as us growling louder for love
You as the true love i ever need be grown
You as my true love i ever want be crowned

You as my true one
RenzoAndy May 2017
The main is us.
The poet is bonus.
Coz u can be that precious for me.
It is amazed my self to.
RenzoAndy May 2017
How come i can be this longing
Bare with me if you mind to sing
Telling you now not mean to cling
Just letting my mine been digging

Only to you be bring closer in you
Only for you be true closure of you
Never been told these will making us
None told as growing deeper as cause

Tonight what i feel isn't for me only
You will see what i can feel with folly
You can laugh as you can see free in me
This is what will shown for you and me

Be missing of you bring star faded
Being with you star glowing as beaded
So glown sparked me, cant even close...
Won't Close my eyes for just second pose

I need to see you.
RenzoAndy May 2017
Word that i always wait to hears
Just like sunrise shows in years
Never too late never to slow
Hope of fate that me to know

These are what i knows and what i vows
Those are what i seeks and what i meeks
Are these what i hears and what i fears?
Are those what i says and what i pays?

Last night....
Bed wasn't that warmed anymore
Blanket wasn't nice as ever before
Stories of us making those taugh floors
Stumbling paths matching the true chores

Us right now...
Passing many years gone by with scars
Maturing our seeds to grow like thee stars
Here we are curing with quarrels
Nuturing the love in wine barrels

Let's see....
No body can see the journey up ahead of us
No one can expect the comfy bed for us
What you grove is what you'll grown
For us there's no groove for a clown

Years of love
RenzoAndy May 2017
When the morning come this morning...
While the mind still warmed with dreaming,
You still coloring my mind with beauty dancing
Fetching my heart and soul with your fencing

You mend them all So beautifully done
Coz' it is you who let me be your bone
Making my life coloring again with rainbows
Introducing me to the place with sincerest vows,

I know,  i know, for others it's not a thing
But we know now those are my everything
Coz' i know without you will always be nothing
Coz' i know with you is the thing to be everything

Just be with me always...
Coz i Love you always...
And Will with you always...
Coz we the one that always...

My all ....
RenzoAndy May 2017
Being with you ..
There is time, feels so hard... So Drowning
There is time, feels so high...  So Crowning
What we can see isn't what we want to see
How we can feel isn't how we want to feel

Being with you..
Exact time, Seeks existence of your presence
Exact time, Seeks allowance of your clearance
From things we share, to all the things we care
With all heart we bare,  to all the future we fare

With all the mind and all the hearts
From all the kind and all the herds
This kind of determination, us is exact
Throughout these vows, find the fact

Things we have, hasn't been easily lately
Things we crave, is long paths more likely
But all i feel is time chasing us with so harshly
But all i see is distance hindering us so jealously

We are one of a different
We are in a special current
Weird, corcky and quirky
We have cracks here and silky

If you still remember ..
If us still could love in slumber ..
You without knowing it for very long years
You without allowing it for very long years

Tears hasn't flowing since you far from me
Fears raging never ending on moving foamy
So light... So high... No feeling my form of life
So drawn... So throned... No fleeing from the hive

Stumbles from pains....
but yours is still the most,
Struggles from strains...
but yours is still cling as the host.

Now i know those passed had trashed
Now i see these pleased has its teased
No matter how we are, from here and now
No matter will we are, just have faith in vow

So ...
Being In this storm with you is not that hard ..
Cause believing in us, making life so die hard..
Cause knowing the us, happening only for once..
Being in this path with us is a story of a trance.

How we're re-living a story of us, just once in life time
How we're gonna laughing for us, with our only rhyme
This is happening only once, in a life time
This us is needing to be still, in only a rhyme

What happened these days,
Will shown in the future days.
So good morning ...
Shine and be shining.

Thinking of you
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