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brandychanning Jul 2020
that is what they come seeking.
yet, when I tell
them--pretending--Boy Scouts-to-be prepared!

for the burning,
they gulp saying ok,
but the higher heat of the
fear feted in their eyes, 
them instruments
that never lies,
so I send them home,
just enough that
they’ll never ask

I’m so easy to please.

david mungoshi Jan 2016
Comrades and friends
What seems to be
Is not what really is
When I fall into a hole
You’ve dug for me
You are with me in it
When the swell of the tide
Sweeps me away into oblivion
You dare not rejoice
For the same tide
Will hasten your passage
When it’s your time
Those that harm the body
Only scratch the outer shell
Inside where I reside
I remain beautiful and unscathed
And live to fight another day
Propelled by you *****-nilly
To other realms
In other dimensions
Thus accomplish I
What you fear to contemplate
Mine is a feat for all time
While you wonder and speculate
Endlessly ...

— The End —