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Nylee Oct 2020
Everyone is writing their fiction
that is the actual perception
different versions of the very same
and what it incidentally became.
jasmine wild Jun 2020
my skin opens up effortlessly
revealing the source of life behind
it seeps through the cracks
revealing its secrets to my mind
the burning sensation tingles
finally letting me feel the pain
the streak of red like no other
finally showing the world i'm insane
the sense of release so rewarding
letting me relax inside my body
this may not seem so healthy to others, i'm
letting you know i truly am sorry
Eurus Mar 2019
I'm not looking for
A statue in a museum
Or a love song about me.
A heart beating
To the rythm of mine
Sounds perfect for me.
adele Aug 2018
When summer comes,
I recall the smell of sweet cigarettes.
The smell that made me suffer and drowned.
The smoke kept you away from me
I wanted you to take me far away
But you didn't.
Before I forgot that smell
Before I forgot shape of you
Summer had gone.
Dakota Mar 2018
Thinking about you is like watching the sun set over the most beautiful place on earth. Your colors painted across my sky and lit up my world with sensation. You amazed me like a hundred different colors that changed with the position of the sun. I’m just laying here staring at the moon and dying to know if you felt the same
Jace Kassem Sep 2017
when my lips are spoiling your skin
don't think i'm detached.
my chest would hammer
driving the nails even deeper
(is that what the hollow in heart is?)
as my breath crawls onto your collarbone
and my fingers draw figures onto your *******
my hair would brush across your chin
my hair would coil around your fingers
and my life would coil around your bones
Merely you in the mind,
With your always nature soft and kind
If I could by heart express you
You are my life and end too
If I get closer, I am living though
If I go away, my heart will go

Merely you in my heart,
your love ensembles my whole part
Of brain and vein, and the emotions wart
Unless thee shine as a summery sun
With your beauty and cleverness,
With your energy and adorableness,
you are my number one

Merely you in the earth,
Yes, I'm falling in your love,
And I bet spending all my wealth
Even myself and all my health
To love you, in my soul to inearth

Merely you I can see
I wish you and I become we,
You got me,
And I held my mine,
Until you shelter and lee
I see no else except thee
You reach the high of legacy,
You are my heart's legatee
I wish you and I become "We"
Deana Knight Dec 2015
I don't need no **** man,
But I do need you.

I don't want no **** body,
But I do want you.
Your heavenly lips and the taste of your skin, and
The actual feel of the sensation becoming real.

As the rapture in my stomach continues to expand,
I can hear your **** *** voice taunting me, teasing me, got me thinking the sensation is real.

But it's only a dream,
And he says dreams come true.
So its only a matter of time before you do come through.

We'll be put to the test of being drugged with feels,
And determine whether the sensation its real.

I had heard a song and it was exactly how I was feeling ... sooo that's what made this poem in all honesty.
Teresa Reyes Mar 2015
What is it that I crave?
I crave something I won’t receive,
the tense feeling you get when he touches your side
and then travels down to your leg,
The sensational feeling of peppermint kisses
Big hands cupped around your face
Then back to your hips as he brings you in
What is it I crave?
I crave the sense of protection
The feeling of being needed
Being pulled closer to deepen your love for each other
Feeling the sense of lust and time passing slowly
But instead I'm here in bed lonely
What is it that I crave?
I crave something I won't receive.
lX0st Aug 2014
The tide glides in
Like silk to my skin
And I long
To veil my body
With the sensation.
Stretch out
Face down
And let it pull me
To it's ground.  
But I am a coward
And watch
As the water recedes.
Wait for me".
Unedited and rhyming..clearly not myself tonight.
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