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M Solav Jul 14
Ô toi qui hélas aura daigné t’ôter la vie,
Mettant un trait au dessein que tu dessines;
Grande n’est-elle pas parfois la jalousie
De qui partage la misère qu’on te devine.

Ô toi qui aura su mettre fin au jour
Pour enfin écourter la longue nuit
En soufflant d’un seul et court souffle
Sur le scintillement de tes bougies.

Jamais ne sauras-tu
Qu'il fût un monde
Et quel monde!
Qui t'eût compris.

Comme il en prend du courage,
Et il en prend du mal de vivre
Pour faire la traversée de l’enfer
À l’origine de toute la vie.
Écrit en mai 2018 - pour un vieil ami disparu.
Ambika Jois Mar 2016
It burns me up inside
How together you appear to be
I know my own temperament
It’s magmatic, though its not what you see

Like a scorpion, it stings me bitter
The poison spreads into my eyes, trachea
Like a starfish surviving on the shore,
I deny my slow death and call upon my inner mafia

I fight myself away from the border
Right by there, I see you cope
A concentration chamber, my mind has become
I burn like paper, letting my ashes elope

With the itsy bits of rubble remaining
Somehow I awaken, with a brush and pan
I kneel and scrape, dust and cleanse
To become a phoenix and rise from my death again.
“‘La Douleur Exquise‘ (French) literally means “the exquisite pain”; it comes from a medical term which defines a pain which morphine cannot dull. It’s meaning has become something used to describe that indescribable pain of being hurt by the one you love.” ~ Pamela Haag (
mes larmes piquent mes lèvres,
la douleur m'accable, tout
d'un coup, je suis mort.
mon premier haïku en français (my first haiku in French).
Trinity Jones Feb 2015
As the days get deeper
So does the hole

People start losing their unique ****** qualities
The objects in your house become dull clutter
Monday morphs into Tuesday and Tuesday morphs into Wednesday and Wednesday morphs into Thursday and
All of a sudden you don’t know what day it is.

The only thing that doesn’t lose its edge
Are the words that pump out from your lung,
to vibrate from your vocal cords,
then are fine tuned from your larynx,
and emanate from your articulators.
Those are the words that stuff me deeper into the hole.

Sometimes it’s not words
but actions
That burry me under and into the darkness.

This hole I speak of,
***** you in and won’t let you out
Until you’ve admitted defeat
And hell,
You’ll never live to see the day that

I, Admit Defeat.
Trinity Jones Jan 2015
Have you ever met someone
and in the same instant
that your eyes glazed over with the sight of perfection
and your heart melts with desire
you just know it never can and never will be true

La douleur exquise, la douleur exquise.

I unconsciously chose to ignore the idea of impossible
but I need reality to crush that
I'll be stuck in paradise for one day too many

In the meantime
You seem to be the only one I would ever want
And the only one I can never have
Vous étiez assis à côté de moi,
nous étions des étrangers,
dans ma tristesse vous me calmé
Et je suis content.

Ciao stranger, bientôt sûr la piste de dance je te regarde, et juste après, nous dansions.Le reste de notre histoire était trés doux.

Si les circonstances de ce monde travailler ensemble pour notre amour, chérie je vais te trouver à nouveau assis à côté de moi faire mon coeur content.

La prochaine fois je ne vous laisserai pas de toi.

Mon cœur me fait mal, mais la douleur est beau que cela valait la peine de vous rencontrer.

Je suppose que c'est l'amour.....le sentiment est bon.
joyce knee May 2014
Our love can not exist.
      Echo's final plight.
           Ero's arrow askew.

Come find me beyond the
I'll wait among the whispering
      among the weeping
i wait for you at the breaking of

— The End —