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Anthony Arellano Sep 2020
Had it in my grasp,
Still feel the detailed texture in my hands,
The way I held it as if it was my own,
Thinking about the future than living in the present,
As it hits me,
I fumbled,
All I can do ask for forgiveness and work for it,
It was hurt on the way down,
Doubt it will be coming back,
Regrouping and preparing for it.
Anthony Arellano Sep 2020
The way they describe you,
In the complex analogy,
Speak of you as an object,
Sitting here I remind quiet,
A part of the problem,
Rather than embracing your personality,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your kindness,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your strength,
They embrace your figure,
I continue to drink,
Staying to myself,
I acknowledge the problem,
That makes me no better than them.
Which are you?
Anthony Arellano Aug 2020
Looking and longing for that something,
Don’t quite know what it is,
Beating myself up trying to reach the answer,
Once I reach one,
All the possible answers hit at once,
Sense of being overwhelmed begins to settle,
Feeling not only lost but also unmotivated
Trying to fix all these pieces to the puzzle,
That I lose a sense of the picture,
The finished product no longer has that value,
Rather it has been altered,
It is no longer unique.
What is the cost?
Time or value?
Does complying to how others think you should be, really worth it?

— The End —