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Kerri Nov 2015
It's too late.
You're already in.
In my skin,
Crawling around,
Throwing in my face
The very truth
Of the deterioration
Of my existence without you.
mk Aug 2015
"i love you"
"i love you too"

"i love you"
"love you too"

"i love you"
"you too"

"i love you"

"i love you"
// according to newton's third law of motion: what goes up, must come down //
svdgrl Jul 2015
When the sweet not-so-serious,
is all that you have left
as the glue
holding you together.
It's doesn't take much pushing off
to fall completely apart.
It doesn't take much new,
to begin to be forgotten.
If not drool from a better treat,
wet tears from long retreat.
Anna Jan 2015
one step back
(we've devolved)

two steps forward
(we've devolved again)
Joanne Heraghty Dec 2014
I knew,
right then....

c o u l d  h a v e
e a c h  o t h e r
28 - December - 2014
Noelle Marie Nov 2014
We don't live life
Life lives us
Deterioration, breaks, cracks
Lives us out until we can live no more
Takes all our energy, saps all our strength, courage as it demands
Takes, ruthlessly, unforgiving
It wears us down, like sandpaper does the rough wood that will one day be the dining table, worn, dented, gouged, used,
Old, wrinkled, soon to expire
A new generation in every birth,
Born to be lived, worn, used, deteriorated
And so it goes.
i roamed into darkness
as the moonlight shed its light
in the dusty panes of the old

were the tombs of a thousand
pages unmoved,
of unseen things,
of obscure meanings
from his little grey cells.

and caressing the yellow plates,
fingers ran into deep vacuums to glean
the transcendent thoughts,
the laws of common sense
that he often uttered  
in this temple

a perpendicular impulse
hovering in the shadows,
laid still, holding on to his
immovable  designs,
May 2014

— The End —