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Nathan Charles May 2016
I know the idea of leaving this life
sometimes seems enticing
But believe me you still got some sight seeing
You can still do the right thing
Things will look up if you stay for the time being
I know it aint perfect
But let me propose you this purchase
Nothing can put a price on your life
You have value, you're more just than worth it
Your purporse is to stay on the earth here
To keep on your journey, to never stop searching
Even when the pain don't quit
And you constantly hurting
You can't end the show now
It's too early to be closing these curtains
If I know one things for certain
These thoughts get disturbing
You're tired of running &
you're demons keep lurking
I know everything seems really scary
I'm here to say, its only temporary
I'm gonna beg you to pretend that this isnt the end
Your troubles will fade into the distance in an instance my friend
Keep in mind that in due time
Everything will be allright
I promise, you'll be doing just fine
Lou Morgan May 2016
my mind no longer lingers on
my memories of you
my eyes no longer search for yours
and their shade of blue

my stomach no longer turns
when I remember that you're gone
my heart no longer breaks
when I remember I need to move on

I know I'll always miss you
and I'll still have bad days
but although I'm not doing great
I'm finally *okay
Lou Morgan Apr 2016
I try to put on a front that
I'm okay,
but what they don't know is that
the image of you with a gun in your mouth
has never left my mind.
It haunts me, making sleeping difficult
and waking impossible.
While the days go by, I appear to be
more and more okay,
when in reality your absence is making me
and weaker.

— The End —