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Pallavi Sep 10
It's 2' o'clock, and I am having sleepless night.
Thundering in the sky,and the Moon is sinking in my tears.
Seems my heart is breaking, thrashed into pieces and crushed into powder.
Women in love are more vulnerable than men.They are crazy when in love.
They love like a universe full of stars & galaxies.
Their attachments are like my Amma's old remedy of glueing paper with rice.
Being in love crazily for a decade & suddenly
walking alone in a terrible path is like walking on cold graveyards.
My heart thaw and I couldn't put my foot forward, I freeze there.
I freeze in love, for love , to be in love forever
Pallavi Mar 17
I am missing you
I am missing every word
of our conversation.
I am missing our first & last date
Which happened unexpectedly fabulous.
I am missing that Passionate hug &
honey dipped kiss you planted on my lips.
I am missing your arms
Curled me up & not letting me to go.
I am missing those silent talks,
We had for hours & hours.
I am missing that promise
to meet again......which was never fulfilled.
Now I miss myself
having You in Me.
Pallavi Feb 28
I am the moon,
walking along the night.
I am the eyes,
for every pleasant sight.
I am the air,
for every single breathe.
I am the light,
to bury darkness beneath.
I am the cool breeze,
intense summer heat.
I am the death,
wants to live you .......
In repeat.
Pallavi Feb 23
It was utterly sweltering day.
The sun is ramphant high,
on my way.
There I found a big aged tree.
I took a break,
& make myself free.
I was wet,
drenched in sweat.
Nothing with me as blotter.
So I had some,
Coconut water.
I sat under the shade of tree.
The comfort was not letting me flee.
It was a quickening ray of hope.
And woah!!! What a refreshing glee.
Trees are as a ray of hope in intense & searing day.
Pallavi Feb 17
I am  waiting for the dawn to set
And the night to come
The stars to shine
Crowd to ****
So that I can search you
In the light of stars
By following their marks
From the distance constellation
Looking for your information
I wish you will meet me someday
And come around my way.
Pallavi Feb 16
This silence is sting
This silence is pain
It's a big cluster of cloud
Which has no rain
I am standing on a skiff
In the middle of sea
Cyclones around.....
Just silence & me
It's hollow and deep
I even can't weep
Now everything is gone
Nothing is there to keep
The only thing I accompain with
Just silence & me.
Pallavi Feb 11
I don't know
Where I am going ....
This road leads
to your heart.
But still you are far
so far.....
I could not reach to you,
Because you are like a moon,
I can only see you
from a distance.
I can not have you,
touch you
embrace you
In my arms.
The only voice
rumbling in my ears
is the last time
you said,
"I Love You"
I still wanna go
back in time.
To ignite the fire
the thoughts & desire,
are sleeping on death-bed
Very soon they will expire.
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