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Jon Thenes Mar 23
be more thorough
with your dental hygiene
lest the breath
behind the breath
get out
and things become vetinary
must have brushed teeth
Pagan Paul Dec 2018
Henry VIII was a deluded monarch,
he could never have ruled the Earth,
for he hasn't seen his **** for years,
hiding beneath the bulk of his girth.

And wobbling onto the battle field
is not the behaviour fit for a King,
he would have to sit nursing his cysts
and hoping the ointments don't sting.

His eating excess was cause for concern
but his syphilis remained largely unseen,
and one really has to feel so sorry for
whomever it is that is currently Queen.

His penchant for young and younger Ladies
made him a stranger to baths and soap,
and his bed hopping antics to sire a son
bought him much trouble from the pope.

© Pagan Paul (09/12/18)
Irreverent look at history :)
Chris Neilson Jan 2017
There's an argument raging
in my neck of the woods
I'm sharing it poetically
for feedback from your 'hoods

Pyjamas worn in supermarket aisles
mostly by women with too little time
to get dressed they are far too busy
anyway, they say there is no crime

It's nobody's business but their own
they say their attire is fine
other shoppers complaining it's shameless
wearing PJ's to buy bottles of wine

A survey said 75% think they're lazy
unhygienic, scruffy, lacking in shame
the other 25% said they're too busy
and anyway surveys are lame
This is the hottest debate in town!
Knit Personality Mar 2016
I pay respects to Mrs. Claus,
    Samaritan extraordinaire,
The modest queen of Christmastide
    And the north wind and arctic air.

Her role she never boasts, and yet,
    The muse and glory of her spouse,
The great goodwill that Santa shares
    Begins in her and in her house.

She never boasts the good she does,
    And very few have known truth
That children all across the world
    Prepare for her each new lost tooth.

For Mrs. Claus, she wears two hats;
    And when those kids with little paws
Count up their coins, they know she came—
    The "Tooth Fairy", or Mrs. Claus.

* .
You cannot help someone
if they won't help themselves.
If you have hinted
Confronted them about the problem
And they get  all defensive .
I get frustrated  
When they look away.
And when they are in denial
When I try to point out to them
It's for their own well being.
They seems to be a lack of conmucation.
What can you do when
People neglect their personal care.
Just stand by and watch
Them detoirate
And not do a single Thing about it.
Mental health care in the community is poor ..people are sadly neglected..
Sam Hain Aug 2015
You know you've got a problem
    When candy is more than dandy—
When all you want is sugar,
    And start trading teeth for candy.

Felicia C Jul 2014
It was cold and I was tired
so I fell asleep
with the taste of Sunday still in my mouth
February 2014
This is a poem about brushing your teeth before bed.

— The End —