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My heart is thumping
like the stomping feet
of elephants.
Can you not
be so cute?
You’re making me act
like a clown.
If I could,
I would do
backflips like an
We all know
I’m no contortionist.
I’d try, though,
if it would impress you,
make you sit back
and eat popcorn.
But I can’t provide
that kind of entertainment
for you.
Not yet, anyway.
Keep buying tickets.
This is the revamped version of a poem I wrote when I was in college. We were assigned to write something with circus imagery and I popped this one out. It was probably the first time I ever took myself a little bit serious while writing poetry.
Haylin 4d
His eyes were blue.
You could stare at them for hours and see a rainbow of colors swirling within.
His eyes were mesmerizing; getting lost in them was far too easy.
You could see the ocean in his eyes, the way they shine just like the water does as the sun sets.
You want to jump into the sea of his eyes and see the world from his point of view.
If you look into those blue eyes you’ll see a whole new world, one so beautiful and magical you never want to leave.
So you never look into them, to begin with.
All you see is that his eyes are blue, for if you look any deeper you will drown.
 WHY?
 Why what?
 Why did you fall in love with him?
 Please don’t do this.
 Just tell me.
 Fine… um, I guess I fell in love with the idea of him.
 The idea of him?
 Yeah, the idea that he was ***.
 Oh.
 Yeah, second, I fell in love with the person.
 The person?
 Yeah, his personality, his laugh, his bitchyness, etc.
 That’s sweet
 Not really, third I fell in love with his little features.
 What kind of feature?

Well first, the way his eyebrows arch up when he gets exited, his cupid’s bow, the pools of honey he has in his eyes, his emotional instability which we share, his gold strands of hair, his hands, etc.
 Oh, wow you really observe a person
 Only the people I care about.
alonia 4d
I didn't know it was possible
Your name keeps ringing in my head
Breaking through my heart like it's the most fragile thing you've ever handled
You swayed my feelings, looking through my soul as if it was yours
You made me think that it's possible to be with you
Until I start hallucinations,
And when I lose track of time,
I realize....
I like you.
moon 5d
i saw you from across the room and tilted my head.
you were talking with a friend.
i wondered about what.
just a small glance towards me would make me panic so thank you for not noticing me.
Lily 5d
My hand touches yours against my will,
And your soft touch sends fireworks through my body.
My elbow just habitually knocks into you
When we’re laughing together,
And I don’t know how to make it stop.
I’ve stared at you enough,
My eyes blocking out every other person in the room,
To know your mannerisms,
The way you glance at your watch frequently,
The way you tap your foot when you’re nervous,
The way you run your hand through your hair.
My whole insides jump when you say my name,
And every time we lock eyes I have to remind myself to breathe.
But I’m scared that my love for you is too great.
What if I’m coming on too strong?
I feel like you should be terrified of my love,
Because sometimes it crashes like tsunamis,
And sometimes it howls like a sandstorm.
It can sink ships,
And destroy dynasties.
It could destroy us.
I just want you to be aware of that so if
I do come on too strong
You know I’m just terrified of losing you.
I think this is kind of cliche, but sometimes us poets have to be cliche before we can find our voice.
Shila 5d
this game of pretends
it's funny
to see
to watch how
I let myself
dying from
denying my heart
for you
when it is into you
so deep
pretending to be fine around your crush
I am torn in two, divided yet whole.
Split in half, I hold both parts of my soul.
I thought I knew the answer— I don't know,
Do I dive in head first or take things slow?

We should try being friends first— her smile.
She laughs— a half of me sees an aisle
I’m too quick to jump— no, too slow to move
I’m too sick —Make a choice!— Will I ever choose.

Yes or no, or, yes and know? We’ll see,
Or maybe we never will, please, tell me.
Someone, anyone, will I be set free?

Am I divided, split, or torn in two?
Is there a difference? I wish I knew.
Oh, for crying out loud,what do I do?

I miss the butterflies when I saw your face.
I miss when my heart sing and shout at the calling of your name.
Hopes and dream filled my fragile heart,
As I wish we had a spark.
Sorely our world did not collide.
God had another plan.
It hurts to see you leave
Knowing we will never have a spark.
I notice his glimpse,

They’re intense and have value

There’s something hiding and lurking

At me behind those dark brown eyes.

It is as if his savoring all my beauty

And my presence for later.

My presence possesses him into

An infinite loop of love and awe.
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