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sarah 7d
and this is how we waste our days
refreshing a page
for a notification that we know will never come
When I think of you

A smile creeps across my face

I can still feel your touch

I can still feel your kiss

I can still feel you within me

This has been a different experience

The way you catered to my every need

The way you make laugh at stupid things

The way you compliment me even when we know this ain’t right

When I think of you

I want to remember it from the first conversation

I want to remember how it all started

I want to remember why I started liking you

That way I never lose this attraction I have for you

When I think of you

You’ll probably think I’m in falling love

You’ll probably think I’m addicted to you

You’ll probably think I’m crazy for you

But nahhhh, I won’t let it get that far

When I think of you

I want you as my best friend

I want you as my diary

I want you as my sweet escape
Fenchurch Oct 7
I can try and forget how you made me feel.
But you've left a mark on me.
An inescapable feeling.
A rush I long for,
An addiction to a love I never had,
yet so desperately yearn for...
Fenchurch Oct 7
You are everything I have ever wanted.
The opposite of all I have ever known.
And yet, unforgettable.
Fenchurch Oct 7
I think the music has been lying
Love isn’t like the melodies
Of the songs on the radio
It’s hard and disappointing
And no one ever stays for long
I wish I never believed
Those stupid love songs
Because maybe if
I never heard them
No one would’ve ever let me down
Fenchurch Oct 7
I’m not going to sit and wait
For these feelings to dissipate
I have to quit looking for you
Because I know that we’re through
Any chance of you and me
Has drifted away along with the waves of the sea
Fenchurch Oct 7
I would say it was your loss,
But you and I both know
You can’t lose what you never had,
And you never wanted me.
So you didn’t lose me,
I lost me.
I lost myself when I fell for you.
And I don’t know if I can find my way back.
Fenchurch Oct 7
Your smile warms my naive heart.
You’re all I think about when we’re apart.
And though I’m well aware I’m not what you want,
Up until now I thought maybe that could change,
But it’s hitting me as I sit in this room
That in 18 months everything I’ve ever known will become new.
I will not see you,
I will not hear you,
I will not be able to make my case and convince you that I could make you happy.
And because nothing lasts forever, there’s no point in me trying now, for you’ll break my heart before the year is through, and I can’t afford to break.
So as I stare at the wall now, thinking of the inevitable truth,
I wish I could forget
How little I mean to you.
Fenchurch Oct 7
I put you on a pedestal,
Said that you were perfect.
But those rose-coloured glasses
Were clouding my vision
For in my peripheral
I saw that you were not perfect at all,
You were just human.
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