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Kunbi Dec 2020
I am searching for a literary agent who would assist me in publishing my poetry compilation if you know anyone please send me a message, including their contacts

Thank you
Kunbi Dec 2020
I sat on top of the world; everyone knew my name
Now I try to find my way back, all I know is shame

My cars; crashed into parties, everyone wanted to be in my fancy wear
Why didn’t I look up investing and insuring; now I don’t mind if its rag, please just give me something to wear

My name was held in high esteem, white line called to me from Whitney’s rear
She never came back for me, but watched as I derail

Day and Night, I looked up to Whiskey, it became my religion
Now at the altar in search of salvation from the true religion

                   Kunbi Dia
“I spent a lot of money on *****, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. ” George best
Kunbi Feb 2020
You told me yourself that “little things to you matter”
Being around you I’ve unconsciously adapted that feeling when it comes to you.
You say these things and the side of my brain that usually never gets what it wants is being feed.
Building emotions on the words you say
Building emotions on originally empty words
You don’t do drugs but you parade it around an addict .
You are very aware I’m trying to dispose of my feelings for you.
Seeing you the way you see me
But you make it difficult every time you call out with “psst”
I don’t want to lose you, that is one awful big mistake.
I hope you get past your shyness and let me in
Or maybe... maybe you are just afraid you might lose me when you really open up on how you really feel.
I really wish you’ll stop playing games even when deep down I feel you enjoy it.
So talk to me or make my coping mechanism easy for me

Honestly I don't know
Kunbi Dec 2019
Lost in my sanctuary
Might make it out eventually

Is this my reality ?
And my imagination is becoming a frivolity?

Questioning the existence of life that surrounds me
Rather I’m the one without life in me

Lost lost lost lust lust lust
In an island filled with unhealthy lust

Unfortunately this
Kunbi Jul 2019
I’m nothing but an instrument to make you feel good about yourself
I’m nothing but a tool to make you feel powerful about your look

I’m nothing and the scenery is vague to you  
I’m nothing but I see us clearly

Huge impossibilities
Left daydreaming

I probably need an unraveller
But I push them away cause I’m nothing

I’m nothing but I enjoy this sickly state
I know I’m nothing and I still want to be here

Kunbi Jul 2019
You believe poet tell lies
Yes they do

You believe poet fantasize
Yes they do

You believe poet paint unrealistic imagination
Yes we all do

But I am here to tell you
I am here to tell you
I am here to tell you

I won’t lie to you
I am not fantasizing
I’m definitely not here to sweet you up


You will always be beautiful to me

It been long.....
Kunbi Mar 2019
Now it ends.
The lies and the deception.
Now it ends.
What I thought we really had, a connection?
Now it ends.
All the love and affection.
Now it ends.
Take your luggage and find a new destination.

All I wanted was to share your real emotions.
But you showed me you were more than just a distraction.
When you leave I hope my life recovers from this state of depression.

Now it ends.
Who you are.
Now it ends.
Who I am.
Now it ends.
My daily conception.

Leave my wretched soul because I am not giving you anymore attention.

  ­                                      Kunbi_dia
You anticipated, Now it’s here
Ki lo feel?
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