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Kunbi Dec 2019
Lost in my sanctuary
Might make it out eventually

Is this my reality ?
And my imagination is becoming a frivolity?

Questioning the existence of life that surrounds me
Rather I’m the one without life in me

Lost lost lost lust lust lust
In an island filled with unhealthy lust

Unfortunately this
Kunbi Jul 2019
I’m nothing but an instrument to make you feel good about yourself
I’m nothing but a tool to make you feel powerful about your look

I’m nothing and the scenery is vague to you  
I’m nothing but I see us clearly

Huge impossibilities
Left daydreaming

I probably need an unraveller
But I push them away cause I’m nothing

I’m nothing but I enjoy this sickly state
I know I’m nothing and I still want to be here

Kunbi Jul 2019
You believe poet tell lies
Yes they do

You believe poet fantasize
Yes they do

You believe poet paint unrealistic imagination
Yes we all do

But I am here to tell you
I am here to tell you
I am here to tell you

I won’t lie to you
I am not fantasizing
I’m definitely not here to sweet you up


You will always be beautiful to me

It been long.....
Kunbi Mar 2019
Now it ends.
The lies and the deception.
Now it ends.
What I thought we really had, a connection?
Now it ends.
All the love and affection.
Now it ends.
Take your luggage and find a new destination.

All I wanted was to share your real emotions.
But you showed me you were more than just a distraction.
When you leave I hope my life recovers from this state of depression.

Now it ends.
Who you are.
Now it ends.
Who I am.
Now it ends.
My daily conception.

Leave my wretched soul because I am not giving you anymore attention.

  ­                                      Kunbi_dia
You anticipated, Now it’s here
Ki lo feel?
Kunbi Feb 2019
Now it ends
All the lies
Now it ends
What we have
Now it ends
Who you are
Now it ends
Who I am
Now it ends
All the distraction
Now it ends
My daily conception
Just anticipate...

I guess
Kunbi Jan 2019
I want to make you cry

I want to make you smile

I want that after hug tear of joy staining my shirt

I want to feel your pain

I want to hear you laugh

I want you to breathe; breathe in this relieved air and have hope fill your lungs

I want to pick you up when you feel distressed

I want you to embrace and praise your flaws

I want to smell that happy scent cloistering your soul

I want you to be free

I need you to know GOD got US

Love and Fury
Order and Chaos
Kunbi Jan 2019
Heart so empty you need a centerpiece.
You always knew the piece to complete you.
But you rather contend for rues.
Than settling for inner peace.
Give yourself all the LOVE IN THE WORLD
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