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Autumn Daze Sep 2018
I wonder, I ponder, both

Made me want to turn the hands of time
Is it just me feeling
Sorry for everything, hoping for me to
See things again

Before I walk forward, little by little, longing for an
Ending, a new chapter, a new beginning.
It will never be easy
Not that I am lone for thou art
Gone like the leaves in Autumn. Can't do anything but

Hide in the midst of Winter, while waiting for
Another chance to fly in Summer leaving the
Pain behind, but for now, I will just
Pen everything though in dire need
Yet coping, enduring, longing, hoping for Spring to come and fill my heart.
© cassandraacereza
Autumn Daze Aug 2018
Darkness that can't be escaped from
Why is there no happiness in this state
Alone in the dark, forgotten and gone
Sorrow is all
Cause I am left between the dark
Mourn every morning, till blue become white...

© 08172018
Autumn Daze Aug 2017
You didn't give up,

Even though I stopped.

You showered Your love,

Indeed Yours is a must have.

Help me to cling on You,

Especially, when I feel blue.

Allow me to see nothing but You

For I know You are the only source of hue.

Forgive me for everything,

For every time I try to wring.

Indeed, I am stubborn,

Yet, You love me even before I was born.

Truly, I can't thank You enough,

For Your love for me is never half.

Autumn Daze Nov 2016
Keep cool and stay calm,
the monster is coming out,
so patience, be here.
Autumn Daze Nov 2016
Needles in my heart,
alone in the dark, silent,
the distance I need
to endure, worst like before,
screaming and crying inside.
Autumn Daze Nov 2016
I was once accepted
yet they said, "I shouldn't."
I miss being home,
it seems I am always lone.

They said that I should stay on the right
for it will make me happier and light,
but why do I feel empty,
I also look at myself as wee.

I shouldn't feel this way
as I try to mend my heart like clay
but why is it still so painful
though I'm doing my best like a fool.

Yet it seems it won't be enough
cause for them I can't even reach half
they really don't like me
especially to be with thee.

You assuring me of a better day
is still a long way.
I don't even know if it's possible
'cause all I can see are broken promises that it won't wobble.
Autumn Daze Jun 2016
That could be us but
you're already gone: now I
stalk cause we don't talk.
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