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How fast plans
can change.
One minute you're working,
and then...
You slip,
you fall,
you break your hand.
change of plans.
I hurts my writs unexpectedly right before my major piano concert.
Oops, change of plans.
ChrisE 4d
It's funny how life slaps you in the face and force feeds you unwanted experiences
~Her eyes light up the moment.
~Her laughter changes the atmosphere.
~Her smile is hard to find now and days.

You see I don’t want to be like everyone else that uses the phrase “I love you” when it only serves as a mask just to show how much an individual can be infatuated.

No, the moment I say the words “I love you” is the moment I am ready to marry you. It is the moment I have glanced into our future and beyond and deemed that we are truly soulmates.

It is the moment when I can no longer love anybody else because when I said “I love you” I meant it...
We are our favourite flowers
Steeped in a full vase
Seasons pass -
with the dipping water.

We forget  / or were not
taught. To add our own flower
food. To cut our own
stems. To cultivate our own

Seek not to be
crisp, divine, distinct
For it is already

Be it if you
are fanned, variegated or needled
voluptuous or diffident
fresh or heartfelt  
Or just ****** herbaceous

We are own favourites.
We forget that to be in the vase
was a choice
For we can always resettle, reposition, repot,
for the coming season.
It's never too late. Never.
Captured moments in time
Nestled between my fingers
A treasured piece of that time
Past feelings tend to linger
Back to when you were mine
Caught within a frame
I hold this piece of you
The only piece unchanged
Unlike my love for you
People tend to fade
Into something unrecognizable
Familiarity ceases to remain
When I say I love you
Tis a lie that holds some truth
Reserved for the person you once were
My beloved that you outgrew
Even though every leaf may fall,
            you realise that one may stay.

Never giving in ,
                     Always hanging on to that
                     last breath

of wind...

One will never falter,
                never fading away..

When all have decomposed to there fate,
              I stay green..

Awake to the what could be's….

                 Never giving into the fate,

that befell those before.. For what is life& love if  not
                holding on to a moment of love that
                              could be more than those that fell before us.

I need to know that I'm loved, to stay where I am,

                       not to fall to the whims of life.

Only to know that no matter the wind of change
                      your always e the on hanging on...
I’m so scared of change

because what if I act wrong,

make mistakes,you think I’m strange?

What if I’m not strong?

Everything is changing,

the ground is slipping away.

Life is rearranging,

things are moving that I thought would stay.

Please promise to stay with me,

but never let me hold yoou back.

Please promise to be who you’re meant to be,

don’t let me knock you of your track.

Everything is moving,

as I know it should.

It’s growing and improving,

the future’s not stone,it’s wood.
You are the cage that trapped many.
But binded so many more in legitimacy.
While concentrating a dominant nature
You still remain in your ghostly form.
Many still taking you as you were
But many playing with your eyes.
You aren’t gone
But to some they wish it was.
I am not sure
(How the dust settles.)
Relationships are complicated, and many people close to me are having marital problems. So this was written at a time of questioning if "Till Death Do Us Part" is a bit of exaggerative hyperbole.
Mercury expands
As pinched faces are eased and
Flowers remembered
Hints of a thaw.
Ameed 6d
I turned another page with my shaking coward hand
I tried to start again, a new chapter seeming so right
But then I realized that my shaking hand was sand
Nothing was being written, nothing was sticking tight

I painfully fell down and my body just collapsed
I couldn’t write a word without you on my page
You were the reason why my happiness unwrapped
And now you are the reason behind this awful rage.

I shouldn’t have forgotten that happiness is mine
I shouldn’t have been bounded to you and only you
The empty white page had given me a sign
To rise above the scribbles that were vile and so untrue.

Forcing myself to write, I held the aching pen
At first it was hard, it was tough and so strange
But I chose to persist, to overcome it again.
I chose to let go, to evolve and solely change.

And now everything is different, the shaking is all gone
I wrote thousands of pages and a thousand more await
I forgot all the shaking and why it had begun
But I’m now quite sure that change is never late.
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
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