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Tommy Randell Jun 26
"You were born with no future,"
Says my Aunt Sestina, who speaks using clouds.
"Your first morning sky was grey without promise
So, your Mother and I read you Poetry -
Dylan Thomas and John Ashbery out loud -
'Til the thunder in your heart began to flow."

As the hot tea starts to flow,
Looking out the window I check my future
Is doing okay and I wonder, aloud,
"Aunty, may one's life be forecast using clouds?
Isn't all Life just a pulse of poetry,
And not only what random clouds can promise?"

"But each cloud is a promise,
More so..." Tea continues, my Aunt in full flow...
"Each cake is a cumulus of poetry,
Each plate is a cirrus crown - Of a future
Imagined and controlled, like Prospero's Clouds..."
And Sestina's entheastic voice, aloud,

Outpouring, louder than loud,
Fills the room, and the house, fills Life with promise -
Until, I too am charmed to speak using clouds,
Presuming to be in that beautiful flow,
Riding the word lines out into my future
Of intuitive but patterned poetry -

Lightning clouds of poetry.
Conjuring meaning by reciting aloud,
Despite being born on a day with no future,  
Despite a beginning that had no promise,
Speaking lines of fire, verbs that crackle and flow,
Inspired by the rich metaphors of clouds -

Sestina's tea time of clouds,
Every cloud a recipe of poetry.
A Tea time, Sestina in billowing flow,
I reciteThomas and Ashbery out loud,
Seeing her smile as i fulfill my promise    
Paying forward what I owe for my future -

"Let what you know flow and colour your future,
Let your poetry be rainbows of promise -
But when life sends clouds, change the rules - you're allowed!"
This Poem should be read aloud!!

This is a SESTINA in many respects - allowing for the many modern variations, charting a middle ground between the old and knew. But as the Poem concludes... that is the point too really.

It's always a challenge to write in such a classic form and attempt to make it something new. Hope I've gone a little way toward that and that the liberties and breaking of form aren't too much for any purists.

For the record: Six verses of six lines with line endings repeated throughout on the strict Classical formula ... ABCDEF >>> FAEBDC and so on, with the Tercet at the end choosing (this time) (F)A .. (D)C .. (B)Emodified. All sextet 1st lines 7 syllables, the other 5 lines 11 syllables ( because I like a challenge ). My playing with Rhyme and free verse is also not standard - but, again, that's the point.
Ellowyn Rose Jan 11
We always look at the moon
admiring its light
holding hands with one another
wishing upon a star
that lies around the aura of the moon's brightness

we seem to seek out
only what makes us happier
instead of appreciating
the dark side
sprinkled with inverted light
we don't appreciate
the beautiful disaster
that showed us
how to grow
with the pain
Ellowyn Rose Jan 10
And after the words you’ve said
to knock me down
and cast a spear at my heart
I run back to you
as the pain
is my familiarity.
Ann M Johnson Jul 2015
I am wondering if any of you out there , my Hello Poetry friend's would like to try out an idea of mine. It may especially appealing to those who have done collaborative poems. It is what I refer to as a Progressive poem. (some of you may have heard of progressive dinners, were you go to one person's house for appetizers, another person's house for  main course , then someone else's for dessert.) This may appeal to someone's creative pallet without calories and be challenging and fun.
We could agree on a topic to write about and  many 3 or 4 people or possibly alternate writing lines and blend it together into a beautifully creative masterpiece a beautiful blending of creative minds.
Any taker's out there on Hello Poetry to accept this Progressive Poem challenge. ( perhaps Mike Hauser or other's who have done a collaborative poem with me, or interested in doing one?) If you might consider please drop me a message on here.
Gavin Barnard May 2015
Yep, I'm being creative here. I made a poetry challenge, not about writing poems, but for liking them. Before posting a poem, you must fully read and like one other persons poems. Its not like this site is for just posting poetry, its to read it too, and its not like you have a limited number of likes. So, all you have to do before you post your poem is like somebody elses, thats all. If you don't have the time to read, then you don't have the time to write.

The goal here is to get great poems read. Some of them never do, and it makes not only me, but my best friend on this site hurt.

Bonus points if you find or post a poem without the words me, my or I in it.
I remember when my poems would trend in a heartbeat, but now the ones I put most of my time and effort into are tossed aside like gum wrappers. It hurts.
Ashanti Apr 2015
The feathers of these wings will not be plucked for your
I need me.

— The End —