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Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
it's night
night in the river sun

today is the day
river night

and I went home again
and the house consisted of flowers

flowers soared into the sky
and the sky began to sing again
that song began to sing
which I lost

I again became a bush

Amanda Jun 2018
I watch stars come out at night
These days they are my only friends
Giving me hope when all I have found
Are empty hallways strewn with dead ends

I look for an omen or sign
To tell me it's not too late
A burning bush will never appear
It's not meant to be, still I wait
Written 3-27-13
an azure hue
presides over our bush patch
an azure hue
such an imposing shade of blue
brilliant the colour in dispatch
of its resplendence there's no match
an azure hue
She was an argonaut
that paper nautilus discreet
where an edict for office
still home for a style
if their buzz did set a trend
that syndicated grams  
and lingered with a spruce Cabernet
while it torched their foray  
that whirred travel to the dale
of Welsh Mount Snowdon  
where I sought Kopechne
if squires didn't vaunt missions
with these measured students
and were really left behind!
a resume from chappaquiddick
Kagey Sage Jan 2018
I wore a Bush/Cheney '04 shirt
from a thrift store
to an upper level history class
on election day 2012
Professor and classmates stared
scared to talk to me

I never explained
that in 2004
I was the only Democrat
on my hick town bus

And now look who's in office?
No one even dares
wear that red hat in jest
For the right co-opted irony
as their latest prize

Either your genuinely
hyper patriotic to absurdity
or you're an enemy
Poetic T Aug 2017
I'm travelling 60mph and then
you pass me like you think you
got warp speed under your hood,
Nervous drivers now moving over.

Going no where fast, chilling on
the road, then I hit the island,
and see you kissing the bushes
car looks not so good..

Karma slapped you good,
thinking you got road skills,
but your just trimming bushes,
I wave smiling, driving on my way.
As a lemon is laurel and a grove near a bay only
that lies trees with the cherry blossom seeds
in these seasons of bliss where splendor was wind
and resplendency now accord with the crabgrass
while lust sublime in these orchards of time.
wit laz Bermoodah shores n aqualurngs
werbah dem mer-jayhaydeens surfgunj
bur gud, en Beg Depp o fifday...urm, Ah ferget,
bur arnat day tire flate depthly gart wyett!
NoAh caint raywahnd waves geronimrawd
jayhard Jonahs wept enta Katreena Nams,
bur wiv dare-x urb dare-i-yeahs o
oil-leannes, Ah mane dem ay-leannes,
Saudi Raypublek Navy surge-jinn-sea
bay stumped hinda aye-bull! Ray Nothing, hay

wungo 'Yippee-qa-e-da!' lark hay wahs
badseed brudda o Bruise ******* - he wo
arn hestree disc en ma grayskull - but dis
Bruise bro's
benna Loose-fur's tannin paliss.Hint no
squit wit cullurd folk tho, cuz bran ar grain,
Ahll speshilops tha lot! Hail o ha warders
hair urreddy, bur Yoo Wezzle ace n-game
wunz Marzpans sheet slicks ta raypay karnez
o hour corralen carsma caddleproads. Aint maple
fo Marzlimbs now starkpals o desert dayzil

nart own-loil zippin moderbows urlung.
Congy, sinka pitcha o scuppernung
ef yooz bolls fo diz bill. Paz et fo hour
fellah Mericonz n Allarz devowed
bah Impravarzd Dayloovienne Dayvizes
- holeast coast cloodin Trumpopliss, wetch Prez.
Trumpya Bush cooled Noo Yark: sgarn. Daird Sayshorz
o Izril Die-yesh dooshez dayloojd tow. Slez
arble hour bahbuls: 'Lard, Thy Will Be Dung!'
Novta Vice-Prez Garth Vader, sAh say surlung

n Guard Bless A Merry Cur.
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