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Logan Robertson Dec 2018
George HW Bush has left the room
For the last time we salute his duty
Save be it the last image of his bloom
The red, white and blue  his beauty

Stars and stripes live on forever
In our heartbeats his wonderful space
We honor his service and endeavour
For preserving  our country's  better place

From dedicated soldier to president
His passion for his country took flight
For he was always there ... a present
In fighting for his country to shine bright

Now his mission over leaves us blessed
The fourty first link's mettle was impressed

Logan Robertson

Thankyou Mr. Bush for steming into a bloom, reaching heights in this garden we call life. In this country's bed of flowers, one stood always awake, watching over the others.
Lady Grey Sep 2017
Rubbing my bleary eyes
Staring at my computer screen
Scrolling down
Scrolling back up (i couldnt remember what id just read)
Type a few words
So much to do
Back to reading
Scrolling down
Scroling back up (i couldnt remember what id just read)
So little time
Type a few words
Scrubbing my we epy eyes
So tired
Cant finish
Glaring at my computor screen
Scrlling down
Scrolling down
Scrolling back up (cant remeber what id just read)
Have to finishe
Type a few sentances
So close
Back t oreading
Scroling down
Typeing  a more sentancess
So tired
Kneading my sleapy eys
Tpe the slat sentanc

Gabriela V May 2014
Waiting to be done
Waiting to be free
Waiting to be gone
Oh so tired of waiting
All I do is wait and it bothers me
Go do something about it, they all yell at me
Waiting to go out and do something crazy with people I love,
that'll  be daring
Waiting for that guy to sweep me off my feet
Waiting for this paper to finally be complete
And that's how this all started by procrastinating,
on this **** project that I stare at blankly
Decided to take a break
by writing this slowly
Time to get back to my studies

— The End —