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Invocation Jan 26
How is it I can reach out and bless everyone I touch except you

You tell me I'm enough
I'm doing well
I don't believe you

I disappointed myself again
Even if you can't see it
My bar was set higher than you set one for me
You said shoot for the moon and I shot for a Pluto that others said didn't count anyway
Please don't hide your needs from me, I need you to depend on me or I'm going to go crazy watching you work yourself to death ...
meqan Jan 22
fingers burn like fire.
the cold winter wind nips them;
burning and freezing.
Burn this fabric
the weave of the grandest way
we wrap our secret selves in
and write little patterns
that somehow pushes apart
from the comfort of speech
to break the truth
into lie-able bits
that everyone can approve of
because they are pretty
then you will be hollow
with the desire
to tug on the dangling strings
that always itch
the nose of conscience
to be rid of the ******
the mold you have been force in
and you will unravel when it hurts
and you will unravel when it is quiet
you will become bare
just shape
just like everything else
and when you find
peace in your own decimation
a single flower will grow
behind your lifes eye
a memory of when you took root
in the self
a lense to see your life
as you mean to live it
Version 2
Luna Jay Jan 17
I’m suffering.
Tears of gasoline, beaded down my cheeks.
And Darling, your kisses are the firepower.
You want to see how long I can stand to suffer
Without speaking?
Honey, keep preaching to the choir.
I refuse to speak,
In fear that I will choke on my own words-
Infused with negativity and
Melancholy blues you used to
Sing to me.
That subtle, lackadaisical smile
That got me to fall so hard in the first place
Means nothing to me now.
You’re artistically numbing my creativity
With those vacant eyes…
I used to see the sunset in them,
And now,
I can only see your
Tilted and twisted views on society
And the love ones who surround you.
You may be blind and wounded,
But at least the old dog can smell
That I am indeed,
In heat.
Jessica S Jan 16
Feeling empty
and worthless
and meaningless
and alone
how can I make it stop
I need to make it stop
it hurts
I feel like
i am burning
will it ever stop
please tell me
that someday it will stop
because if not
I need to make it stop
Nemo W Jan 11
You spark my fire
keep me burning bright
when I start to fade you
add to my kindling
you whisper sweet words that
make me crackle with satisfaction
you set my heart ablaze with
every welcoming breath

You cool me down
you pour your soothing
wet words into my flames
when I grow too wild
your comforting lullaby
has me twisting in tune
dwindling down
into the night

But fires are born unpredictable.
One can grow alight just as fast as it dies.
I wrote this for my amazing fiancee.
Wolf Dec 2018
Gather 'round the smouldering flames
Now those who wander lay frigid
Toss all your cares to the fire
The world is getting colder...
Watch the silent fire,
Watch me scorch my battered heart,
Ashes cannot burn.
Aaryn Jan 9
last night i wept
because i didn't know how i felt
last year i was cutting
every single day
after slice
last today i was praised
because i can hold it all in
and i dont hurt myself
with the razor
as often as i did
last week i found a lighter
and held it to my skin
i don't remember for how long
but the burn is still there
and even though the euphoria subsided
the stench
of burnt flesh
is still fresh
in my memory
Every ounce of me burns
Like ash i feel ***** and grey
My head is filled with the ash of my happiness
I cant see though this fog of pain
Will it ever end?
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