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Nathalie Hill Jan 2023
its a never ending cycle,
loss after loss. Im tired of my friends
telling me that time heals, i know it does
but for a moment i just want to stop healing, breaking.
i keep breaking myself over and over, im tired.
Tired of healing, tired of breaking,
tired of giving my all and  receive nothing but sorrow.
When will I get off this labyrinth of suffering im trapped in?
SophiaAtlas Dec 2020
You like D&D,
Audrey Hepburn,
Harry Houdini,
And croquet.
You can't swim,
You can't dance,
And you don't know karate.
Face it,
You just read this in Ray Toro's voice ;)
SophiaAtlas Dec 2020
Roses are red
Violets are gay
MCR broke up
Im Not Okay
(I Promise)
The light in her eyes fade
The candles unable to draw a flame
Because the winds are to strong now
The smile she wore everyday
Hanging in the back of her closet
Her happiness left
She’s begging it back
Everyone knows that never works
Why me? Why now?
The days were brighter yesterday
Today is nothing but clouds
She trying to pulls her smile over her face
But the brace
It wont stay
Especially today.
Asteria Jun 2016
i am not okay
i still remember you
every ******* day
Haiku #2
rootsbudsflowers Nov 2015
I'm not okay.
But I will be.
Just keep repeating this and pray that it's true.
The Girl Oct 2014
I keep telling myself I'm okay,
I keep trying to trick myself into thinking that I'm happy, but it isn't that easy.
Nothing is ever easy.
So, I fake a smile all day and get caught in mindless conversations.
At the end of the day it just isn't enough.
I stay awake all night, tossing and turning,
With awful anxiety.
I worry about what could've been,
But mostly of what will be.
I hate not knowing if what I've done is right
And if this is the life im supposed to be living.
I feel as if I might turn down the wrong road,
Like one small mistake will ruin my entire life.
I wish I could believe in destiny.

— The End —