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Little Peony Aug 2021
Sooner or later
I just wish
I don't die
Little Peony Jan 2021
The conversation always start going deeper after this word appear

"why are you being like this?"
"why did you hate me?"
"why does the earth rotate around the sun?"
"why we have to eat meat?"
"why always me?"

A much more meaningful possession and background story needed to be shown as the answer

between 5W1H
I hate "WHY" the most

its like asking for the truth and the 'reasonable feeling' at the same time, which could turn into conflict madness or even peace.
don't ask me why, sometimes life just happens, and sometimes there's no much reasons behind everything
Little Peony Jul 2020
I just need someone real
real to be here
I know that there's God
but sometimes I just can't
can't keep being strong

I'm broken inside
all the masks are not real
I just want to **** myself
better, fast, easy solution

But there's no easy way to die
Sleeping pill? Maybe..
worth to try..

What happen if I eat 4 pills at once
or 8 pills? will I just die then?
the world just become too horrible
and I can't handle it no more...

People find life so fun
But I only found loneliness
tears, cry at night, and
people keep on leaving

I know the worst meaniest person
but people still adore him/her
While being good, somehow
doesn't give you anything

what if 'faith and hope' is just a cliche
to just make you believe that
there's answer for everything
when there's none

what if religion is just a cliche
to just make you believe that
there's this God who loves you
where actually no one

what if 'pray and wishes' is just a cliche
to just make you believe that
there's miracle in everything
when its actually just a vain

I hope this tears end up soon
im tired being like this
tired with everything
I need changes

I need me
mylife to be whole
Little Peony Feb 2019
S o r r y..
for not taking the chance
for your heart

even a flower
never know how they worth
even a pretty butterfly
still learn how to fly

i'm not even both of it
i'm not the flower
nor pretty butterfly
all i had is this heart

and you asking for it
life is cruel
so as you
asking for what is mine

i never ask you
for your heart
i want you to protect mine
not asking for it
i can't love you forever

forever hurts
things will pass
i wont be there
for always
and so as you...

Hope you would understand
My kind of loving is not that easy

so if one day, i'm loving you hard
you worth every beat, every second, every penny, every thing...
Little Peony Feb 2019
the weirdest thing i see

the silly thing i found

at the most of people

who had & have enough in "everything"

they still got
for what other people having

even to the
tiniest thing

c r a z y.
i feel sorry for them
for not seeing them selves, as the one who being loved the most
but still feel strangely lonely :\ weird you!

when you got all the things in life i want the most
but you still want my life

Hey, i wanna punch you! WAKE UP!
Little Peony Dec 2018
You said you got this kind of weird feeling
you thought about her feeling

i wish i was brave enough
to ask you
"How about mine?"
when you did the same thing

: )
Little Peony Nov 2018
Here goes the prayer
Things I can’t say
Things I never want
But maybe
It could be a new path
A path that leads
to the right new things

You’re the one
That truly hold my world
Guide me through this
Give me a sign
Serenity inside me
Inside this heart of mine

You see me through
All things in
In this whole soul

Let me
Walking out
And in with You
In any kind of places
*And always
Counting down to another 2 months
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