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Deepak shodhan  Jun 2015
A fool
Deepak shodhan Jun 2015
I was dating a girl
who always hates me
One day, she brokeup with me
And said that she do'nt want
to see me again
a few months later
She had a change of heart
She came to know that I'd
stolen her heart
She came to me
and asked me to forgive her
Hugged me tight
and asked me to be with her
I said that, only a fool would
take back someone who
hurt them alot
She began to cry;
Her heart was broken
like a ***
But I put my arms around
her, held her tightly and said,
"And I'm one of those fools"

You know you realy love someone when you do'nt hate them for breaking your heart!
Taylor  Feb 7
Taylor Feb 7
im so tired of always being hurt
i met this girl and i was falling in love with her
it was right after i brokeup with my boyfriend about a month ago
and i was falling for her in every single way she was beautiful
she called me her angel her beautiful angel
and she was my queen i was her king


he was the love of my life
we dreamed of moving to cali together
getting married
having we finally agreed on one kid
he was my everything my world
i loved all his flaws and
he loved all of mine
i was his baby
and he was mine
we talked for hours about our future
where we would go
what after high school
our struggles
our hopes
our dreams
our fears
all of us
then one day

he didn't love me anymore
even though two days earlier
we were deciding on what part of cali
to move to
and he wanted to give me a promise ring

i think what breaks you is
when i asked "when did you stop loving me"
he replied "now"
that broke me
into a million
brokeup withh the love of my life a month ago and then i found this girl i had a crush on for a year and she felt the same way and we were falling for each other and then last night she said she loves me but not in that way

— The End —