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broken Oct 2021
my mind is rarely ever quiet
there's always a song repeating itself
a conversation replaying itself
an anxious thought reintroducing itself
but when it is quiet,
all i think about is you.

its like my mind knows that im trying to distract myself from the pain
and only comes to remind me when i have nowhere else to hide
even when i try to outrun the hurt of letting you go,
you catch up to me and invade my mind with our overwhelmingly bittersweet memories.

i drift back into the past and i reach out to you,
asking for another kiss
another dance
another "i love you"
im holding onto a version of you that im no longer familiar with
because with every passing day,
you become more and more of a stranger that ill always be in love with.

everything happened so quickly..
and now i have to remember you longer than ive known you.
  Apr 2021 broken
My entire life,
I have been waiting.
For years,
Almost two decades now
I have been waiting.
For the better parts.
For the “soon”.
For my life to begin.
I don’t feel like I have lived.
In the nearly twenty years
I have been alive
And breathing
I do not feel
In any of those years
That I have been alive.
I don’t feel like a single breath
That I have taken
Has been real.
I feel as if
All these years
I’ve been stuck
Behind a window
Watching as my life unfolds
Before me.
I feel that
I have had
Zero control.
That I am in the backseat
Letting someone else drive.
That someone else,
Is writing on the pages
Of MY life.
But no more.
I will break that window,
I will take that wheel,
And I will write
My own pages.
My life has begun,
And now -
I’m in control.
Yesterday, April 8th, was my birthday. I wrote this poem two years ago, when I was 19 almost 20, and on my 22nd birthday I find that the website selected it as a daily and I have all these wonderful people saying wonderful things about my poetry. Thank you Hello Poetry, and thank you everyone else. This was the best birthday present I could have even gotten. (04/09/2021)
  Dec 2020 broken
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
  Dec 2020 broken
Divya Tiwari
When we met for the first time
I never knew you will become so special.
I never knew days of life can be crafted so beautifully with love n smiles.
I never knew I can be so happy.
I never knew I can be so patient.
I never knew I can be so caring.
I never knew I could love unconditionally.
When we met,
I never knew I can be so blessed.
broken Aug 2020
i cant take you out of my brain, just when i thought i had forgotten all about us, all the memories came flooding down on me. doesnt matter if i try to block you out or find someone new, there will always be a piece of you in me.
broken Jun 2020
lets get drunk with the intention of dancing, kissing, and laughing with eachother. then when everyone asks what happened, we'll blame it on the drinks and never tell the truth about how we really feel
broken Apr 2020
i actually loved you, i fell in love with how fragile you were, how easy it was to access your love and care. i got to know you better, you became my go to, the person that i depended and i loved feeling how much you needed me back. you were like a lover i never had before, someone that matched my vibe even though we were nothing alike at all. i made us work out, ruining everything and everyone involved in this mess including myself, knowing that i only wanted you temporarily. i tried to save myself by drowning in a sea of lesbianism. you made everything seem like it was ok because you were the one to blame, i was never the problem. i lied, manipulated, and shattered you just as much as you did to me. we left eachother with so many questions and open wounds, i still have dreams where i reach out to you and we lay everything down on the table and be completely honest. but dreams aren't reality, maybe one day i'll understand that this was never love, just mutual ****** desires.
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