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A gun is a dangerous thing
to put in my arms
But so were you

“Dangerous Things” -JP
Bit by bit and break by break
Pain has become the celebrity
Of my heart

“Celebrity” -JP
Bury me up to my neck in water

Soothe my like you would a preachers daughter

Like someone who’s sore from bowing at pews

Who’s secretly ****** up

And never amused

“Nevermind” -JP
Human amused tired bewildered alive dead acceptance process religion religious sin truth lies deception real
Joshua Penrod Jun 26
It's not the mere sound of a persons laugh,
Rather it's what or whom they are laughing at
That defines who they are

"The Sound of a Laugh" -JP
Joshua Penrod Jun 23
I thank God
For taking from me everything He has taken
For giving to me everything He has given
For every step has a purpose of its own

"Thank You" -JP
Joshua Penrod Jun 23
One minute you're on fire
The next
You're burnt
That's just how it works

"Burnt" -JP
Joshua Penrod Jun 21
I was born
                    out of ritual

                                           in an abundance

Of sacred experience

"Ritual" -JP
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