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Joshua Penrod Jan 2020
The knife dripped with her husbands blood.

His phone buzzed on the bed side table.

She’s next, the wife thought to herself.
Joshua Penrod Jan 2020
He put the gun back in the safe and said to himself “I don’t want to end up like Kurt”.

Joshua Penrod Dec 2019
Don't tolerate anyone
Who is too blind to recognize
Your true value

Joshua Penrod Dec 2019
You are everything I've ever wanted
Everything I've ever needed
In human form
My heart runs fast at the sound of the syllables in your name

Joshua Penrod Nov 2019
Let your losses be losses
And just sew up the hurt
Where it bleeds

Sometimes closure just seems to be too much to ask for
Joshua Penrod Nov 2019
A warm bed that lacks connection
Is colder than a lonely one

Every day conversations that turn into lies
The simplest of notions asks for an alibi

F%ck another late night
F%ck another petty fight
Confusing true love for black eyes

Raccoon masks for the sake of abuse
Degrading words ware themselves into an emotional noose

I don't blush much anymore
A fool to expect intimacy
When your lips deem me a trifling *****

And still I stay
And still I stay
For the abuser is not only you
It's me

For when I stay
By not walking away
I abuse myself passionately

Joshua Penrod Nov 2019
I hate you when you're here
But miss you like mad
When you're not around

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