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My best friend is just as crazy as me
Somedays she is clear skies,
Others she is cloudy.
But she is beautiful in both.
And loves with grace and vulnerability.

Connected by the sea,
The ocean and boards are all that we need.
Rain or shine, she’s by my side.
And even when we don’t agree,
I know that I am seen.

Soft as lilac, bold as crimson,
Her beauty
Commands attention,
Inside and out.

You have shown me what true love is all about.
© 04/23/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
I have friends in High Places,
good friends
tripping *****
floating atop mushroom clouds of ecstasy
in otherworldly dimensions
pioneering the mental landscape,
explorers of the mind and soul
breaking free of the Iron Cage
living to Love
working only to get by
getting high
to escape
to a place
where mere existence
makes sense.
In honor of Bicycle Day. And inspired by the poetic ramblings of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.

© 04/19/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
I tried to warn you the box was fragile.
But you held it and shook it,
Until it became too much to carry.

Then you dropped it.

And I heard my heart
shatter on the floor.
© 04/18/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
Pulling meaning from existence,
Casting words and spelling stories
Onto a blank page.

Resurrecting feelings and memories,
Freezing time and space just to capture a moment.
I am a poet.

© 04/05/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
the worst pain is
the day after.
when you wake up
to relive
the feeling
over again.
I never
took you
for a fool.

Except for
when we were
fooling around
the backseat
of your car.

You had me fooled
with your wide-eyed,
youthful glow.

I thought
I tasted love
on your lips.

But you were
just looking
for somewhere
to park
your car
for the night.

I guess,
I was the fool.
© 04/02/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
No one wants to hear about it.
People only love you when you’re happy,
So stuff it away and put on a smile.

Do your job and don’t think about it.
Don’t acknowledge it.
Don’t write about it.

If you admit to it,
People will think there’s something wrong with you.
Your parents will think there’s something wrong with you.

And your friends won’t know what to think of you,
Because you used to be, “so happy.”
You used to be “fun,”

But lately,
You’ve been smiling a lot less,
And it’s really bringing down the vibe.

Maybe you should talk to a therapist,
Because it’s their job to listen,
Not mine.

And everything you’ve been writing is a little depressing,
So could you stop?
It’s making your parents uncomfortable.

The least you could do is,

So people think you’re okay,
So you can do your job, and
So you don’t ruin anyone else's day.

So you seem approachable.

So your friends are comfortable.

Just ******* smile.
© 04/01/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
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