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Amanda Jun 2018
Go with the flow, quit resisting change,
Hour by hour time is running out,
Stay up all night, you can sleep when you're dead,
Make lasting memories, forget regrets,  you're better without.
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Ramon Alexander May 2018
When a storm comes
I long to return to my old friend.
Their shelter, their cage,
A haven and a hell.
A sliver of light
Promising shelter from the
Noise and pain I don't want to handle.
I know you.
You're the one
Who said stay with me and
You'll be okay.
You let me believe I was in control.
I thought I was outside of the prison bars,
Until I tried to leave
And I found the doors to be
I know you.
We can't be together anymore.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
Rooster has to crow in the morning
Cat has to prowl around at night.
I see a petty dictator ruining lives
I grab my pencil ready to fight.
We’re not in the dark ages anymore.
Nor are we still in the Old West.
We don’t slap on a pistol and go out
And put a bunch of lead into the pest.

So, I write down the words that I feel.
I call a snake-oil salesman what he is.
I carefully explain what a crook looks like
And show off the difference from a Wiz.
They may claim they’re an eagle today
If that is the delusion they are in.
But I will be quick to dispel such a lie
By pointing out the wattles on their chin.

Pigeons spread their droppings all over.
Dog likes to dig around in the dirt.
I have to point out the creeps in the world
Then take appropriate joy when they’re hurt.
My hope is the people that are fooled will see
They don’t have to sit and eat the lies.
They can stand up and ***** in the face
Of those who are criminals in disguise.

Tell any scoundrels exactly what they are
And let them know you are not fooled.
Don’t let them walk away feeling proud.
Make sure they’re appropriately schooled.
Knock any martinet off their pedestal.
Tell them you think they are a clown.
Don’t leave their ego in undented shape.
Then go on and kick them when they’re down.
Graff1980 Jul 2016
I can only resist
for so long
challenge that which is
so strong
before my mind breaks
and age takes
what makes
all resistors great.

I can only be an insurgent
casting shadows of love
instead of waging raging
battles of blood
for so long before I am all gone.

Right or wrong but mostly right,
I can only fight this lonely fight
before the light fades
and I say goodbye to my
better days
Jack Jenkins Jul 2016
You are the rain falling from the sky,
Serenading yourself off the shingled roof.
Though I have shelter, walls and a ceiling,
You trickle your way through the cracks.

An empty room gathers dust;
Snow collects in corners of windows;
And my resistance to you
Suffers from your irresistibility.
yovanny andres Jan 2016
it feels
like my body
is resisting me
and i dont know
if i should stab myself
in the stomach
or just try

Kolko Jul 2015
I can't breathe.
You're drowning me
I'm crying, screaming
While you're holding me
Why are you choosing someone like me
You're branding me, but I'm chaotic
Resistance. I've given up so just leave me be,
Cause all you're doing is just
Hurting me.
Michaela Siaki Mar 2015
I won't cry about you.
I won't write about you.
And maybe you won't exist.
Brynn Louise Apr 2014
You finally gave in.
I could feel how tense you were;
How each nerve in your body felt-
Rejecting the situation against their will.

But then you gave in to yourself.
And then me.
You relaxed and your arm pulled in,
Pulling me with; you felt strong.

Your nose nudged the back of my head,
Making me smile into the dark.
You held me and the moment
As if it were the most important thing.

With each breath you took in
It filled the curve of my back,
And then I could breathe easy.
Because you finally gave in to us.
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