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jeans sell for more
with a stone wash
stretching and tearing
gives straight legs
like you a hole
lot more soul
i threw my poison like paint
at you as my canvas
and you let me
i could replace every lie
with the fact
but then you’d cry
and **** this act
the use of being useless
is it’s easy to progress

- aim up
What we did not see
From the dark fathom
Now a moment in time
Survived as proof
We can survive
When you watch me.

You will not see me
tumbling in pieces through the desert air.
You will not see me
collapsing in tears on my parents stairs.
You will not see me
alone and desperate on the physio’s floor.

When you watch me, you will see me race.
You will see that limits are given to be
Sport doesn’t care who you are.
I am
not a well man,
not a madman,
nor a bad man.

But how else could I repent
without a sin to confess.
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