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Nov 2020
Wear black. All black.
Look as though you’ve been out for days.
And for God's sake don't be happy.
That’s the secret.
They know why you need in.
Everyone needs i-

Yeh it’s fun.
It’s the most fun you’ll ever have!
But it’s not about fun!
Why do you think we wear black?

Yeh, there are those pretentious wankers.
The retro-fashion-we-love-techno kids.
**** them. They don’t GET it. Listen.
You need in.
I can see it. Look.

We wear black.
Because we are about to partake.
In a ******, a funeral and a mourning all in one.
They need to see you're ready for-

Shut up. Listen.
When that hammer bass surrounds you.
It will engulf you.
It will pound you.
It will BATTER you.

The unrelenting tempo.
The torturing strobe light.
It doesn’t stop.
It won’t stop.
And if it does.
It’s only so it can drop harder.

It WILL drown you.
Look. Listen. I’m serious.
This is the rule…


Just move.
Feel the bass.
And every ounce of worry-
Well... You'll see.

Just lose yourself.
Finally BE yourself!
And for **** sakes-
Good luck.
Raving in Berlin.
Written by
Fraser Wiseman  26/M/Glasgow
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