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Ellison Nov 2020
Husk of will
And thought;
Shallow mannerisms
And speech.

Two-dimensional thoughts
In a flattened valley of perception,
And the winds blow in accordance
To the way the sky wants it.

My throat is made to open,
My mouth is gaping wide;
No say in keeping from
Stuffing myself full
Of someone else’s entrails,
Forced to devour the guts
And grime of a delectable host
That makes my opinion for me.

Shambling silently,
Breathing hollowly,
Barely blinking.

Circuits breaking,
Firmware failing,
Makeshift madness.

Eyes glazing;
Too tired to resist
The imposing parasite
That engulfs my brain
With mindless, empty spaces.
Ellison Nov 2020
{i. Synapses}

A moment’s unfathomable pause;
Drifting in polarized rows of orbit
As the planets vibrate autonomously.

Set courses of motion to fall;
Deities of amber marked with gradience
In columns separated by generations
Of the science of religion;
Unbound and with pure neutrality.

Neurons connected by stardust mildew
On the cosmic breeze of a comet;
Sailing by the passing galaxies
To the cerebrum of the universe’s
Central nervous system.

The bridge between logic and reason
Is built for the sparkling atoms of thought;
Purging doubt and mystery
From the corners of our minds,
And eliminating the inhibitor of
Satanic, and Godly free will.

{ii. Purpose}

March to the sunrise
With the rhythm of a supernova,
And rejoice in the lunar light
Away from the solar cataclysm.
Ritual of space;
Thermonuclear, beautiful grace
Of the genesis fusion of hydrogen
To ultimate iron.
Smothered in subatomic promises of creation,
The journey of light to shadow
Is split apart to reveal its voided entrails
Of fractured physics;
Never again to show remorse
For simply being the messenger
Of purpose.
Ellison Nov 2020
In the end,
Listening without learning,
Statements without substance,
And memories without meaning
Will fall out of sight.

In the end,
Movements without martyrs,
Peace without petitions,
And sacrifice without suffering
Will fall into place.

In the end,
Lovers without longing,
Fighters without fury,
And humans without hatred
Will come into life.

In the end,
Dreamers without division,
Artists without anxiety,
And reachers without restriction
Will supplement the land.

In the end,
Belonging without bias,
Feeling without fearing,
And making without marring
Will sum up the collective.

But for the time being,
Flaws with folly,
Ignorance with imperfection,
And compassion with chaos
Will remain the certain truths as since
The beginning.
Ellison Apr 2020
Fingertip aura; her light shines through me
And although these words have again been said
Repetition a smile, feeling free
I dream about her awake in my bed

Away; every bright twinkle in her eye
Hollows out my skeleton to shy dust
Ember a tidal wave; red and blue sky
Colors swirl and fall to corroded rust

And my hands to her’s, senses allude us
Would it matter if blindness came to stay?
We see without seeing; feel that all was
Time sheds its false fake mask: Night becomes day

So into this, we turn inside and two
One being a mix; to become all you.
Ellison Apr 2020
The brass coated tones of strings in the air
Elevate the music of nature, joy
And endless fertility in fields fair
Thus, the sleeping youthful bud trembles coy
The cadence of the whispering wind flies
And glides among the lilacs of deep blue
With each summer stroke, a petaled sea sighs
Reflected by green; devoid of mildew
For each careful petal holds for dear life
Against the zephyr in a meadow calm
Yet, the peace returns; the meadow is rife
With the beauty of nature’s work in psalm
So this, the eternal flowering land
Surrounds the tranquil world a vision grand.
Ellison Mar 2020
What craft would it take to venture to see
Where my cold invisible chains were forged?
My comfort resides in a chamber wee
In the era since my flesh has engorged
Farewell, world of mine that swallows me whole
I long to return to my tunneled home
Consume then my form and leave not the soul
Into the depths of my quarters I roam
If my fetal brethren were to come by
My wrinkled smile would stretch ear to ear
Never again breathing the cruel blue sky
As my innards spill out the dregs of fear
And ****** blue veins that pump to my aid
Wrap around my cold corpse; memories fade.
Ellison Feb 2020
One of these days, departure from life will
Occur, and these tired eyes shall then cease
But our dancing days still shine, until
That faraway future of midnight peace
Let us treasure each tender green grass blade
And the ripples of water in the pond
And each enchanted moment in the shade
Pulls us closer into a cosmic bond
Our pasts and futures need not matter
If the present is beautiful today
The only thing that could make me sadder
Is if you were to slowly go away
For communication is my lifeline
Until we meet again, angel of mine.
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