Ellison 2d
Cracked paint in schools
Squeaky linoleum floor
Children weren’t fools
Life was never a bore

Fifth grade “prom”
Mosquito poison crunch
Summer evening calm
Friends all in a bunch

Awkward middle ground
Dentist grins and braces
Unfamiliar ****** sounds
And new friendly faces.

Holding hands at last
Heads against our own
Re-writing the shaky past
Love runs through the bone

New tastes to feel
Eyes meet as one
Mind becomes like steel
Underneath the setting sun.

Tears run like the wind
Hearts tremble in slight
The sun stays pinned
Except only at night.
Ellison Jan 10
You won't know when it hits you;
That moment when your mind
Dazzles you with limitless creativity.
That moment when your mind
Opens all the eyes and ears on your body
For the imagination works silently
Until it wants to tell you
It thought of something incredible.
  Jan 10 Ellison
You dance and sway
The art you portray
Your electric spark
it’s best we stay apart
Because you can’t love
You have no heart
Ellison Jan 7
Out in the depths of the deep
Where planets dream and sleep
A few trillion comets come and go
As if the universe is putting on a show

Watch some reckless starbeams
Fly wildly throughout the cosmic air
And some may hit a planet or two
But at least it looked beautiful to me and you.
Ellison Jan 7
Examine every corner of your face
Take a good little look on every *****
Make sure not to leave any space
On the pimples and zits that pile in a stack

Oh, look, you've got teeth, I see.
Ellison Jan 6
The brother I knew
From years ago, many a few
We shared each other's brains
And explored our fears and troubled pains

But along came another friend
That took us for a ride, and we called him a godsend
He never hesitated to show us good fun
And my brother and I sang under the black hole sun

But I never saw the friend
Slip my brother a shady end
And from then on
My brother was gone.

His face grew desolate
Like the sands of a desert
And his body was slouched
Like a lizard sleeked on a rock
And the friend had long burned away
So my brother was left billowing in the wind
His brain had effectively been compromised by fate
Or some sort of being that dared to appear in the deadly hate
And I tried to reason him back to reality and back to the life we knew

But the friend had taken him away.
Ellison Jan 6
If I were to dance on a painting
I'd likely wear nothing
As to let each color bring about
Some sort of presence on the flesh.

The angry reds unleash a fiery
Blaze of wonderous imagination
As the volcanoes in the distance
Erupt and take me for a lift.

The gentle blues spin me 'round
And envelop me with the ocean
The water, the sea, the aquatic sound
Beckons my body to its mysteries.

The lustrous yellows electrify
Each tendon and muscle inside
And the sparks call out to thunderstorms
Past by my shocked face and hands.

Color me perfect as to let
Each one have a meaning
So that perhaps the colors can give me
Some sort of meaning of my own.
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