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annh Jul 2019
Spin me some velvet,
Scuff me over with gravel,
Pick me some bluesy strings;
Tie me a bunch of wildflower quavers,
Let’s hear how your phoney sax sings.

Dip me in treacle,
Needle me with soul,
Groove me some dirt and some bass;
******* your ***** devil’s pipe strong,
Let’s play us some bourbon and lace.

Spin me some velvet,
Scuff me over with gravel,
Lay me down in meadowsong;
Rent me a dime’s worth of old dust and daydreams,
Honey chil’, you cain’t do me no wrong.

‘Sometimes I sound like gravel and sometimes I sound like coffee and cream.’
- Nina Simone

‘Sing me a love song in a slow, southern drawl to the tune of sunny days.’
- Kellie Elmore, Magic in the Backyard
Alisha Vabba Oct 2015
And I wear my special glasses
On this fortress by the sea
A broken sax and both of you,
No one sees things like we see!

By the river in Boston
Where the little white boats
Are like stars in the blue,
No one feels like I do.

On the rooftop where we kissed
And made movies of our lives,
All the silly things I miss,
No one knows like you and I.

And I wear my special glasses
When I wonder by myself
Through the fields and through the trees,
As I hide behind these leaves.

On the cliff behind the island,
All alone, while the violence
In the world breaks into waves
And I swirl within its blues.

When my lids are heavy
With departures and arrivals
And I feel the frenzied blood,
As it pulses through the terminals.

And I wear my special glasses
When I think and sip my tea
When I smile at all of you,
Or swim naked in the sea.

And I slide through many faces,
Through the laughter and embraces
I feel colourful and free,
All these eyes, they dance with me.

And I tingle as my skin and mind
Are drenched in eau de glee
I am golden, I am wild,
Warm as honey to these bees.

There is only song and colour,
Silly details make me smile
This confusion is perfection
And it all makes life worthwhile.

And we do not need the music,
We can hum and we can write
I can hear things through my eyes
As I’m gripped in life’s big bite!

Cheers to my friends Meg, Elle and the broken sax.
Accidentally sticking a tuner in a Barry Sax
My friend told me relax
She winked at me and stated she'd gladly take the blame
After i insisted that i would
Because i'm a Man and must admit my discrepancies
But there seems to be a unrelenting efficiency
When good luck comes your way
It took a couple of people to get it out
But atlas, we were successful.
Some stories from marching band are crazy, but that one might top the bill.
Oh, maybe it's a tie with a trombone slide flying towards the stands.
Historical events happen in such an organization like this.
Real life story, happened last night actually! *****
ShamusDeyo Jan 2015
The Back Beat of the Bass, In a Bourban infused bar
Smooth to the bend of , The blues note Guitar
Saxman whail's to the, Smoky Slow blues Singer
And Drummer riffs off , A High Hat Brush Stinger
The Pianoman lays down, A Slow soft tune
As the Vocals Stir the mix, In a soft **** Croon
People dance so close, It Shuts out the World
Lost in Love, Lust, & Bourban.....
Bartender sets up another Round
As the Crowd of the room, Soaks up the Sound.....
Toker's Blowin'  Smoke, Hid in the hall by the Johns
The Bars Mood Sways...As the music Carries on
A Patron at the Bar, Orders up another beer
And the Dancers Float, Across the dance Floor
The Glow of Neon Spills, Colored Red Lights....
A Soft **** Setting, For a Memorable Night
The Guests all begged and, Pleaded for an Encore
So the band fired up... Just one more
All on A Saturday night.....JMF 1/31/15
R&B; catches a person by the Soul and never lets them go

All the Work here is licensed under the Name
®SilverSilkenTongue and the © Property of J.Flack

— The End —