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Jade Welch Mar 12
We have walked on beaches, and kissed in the rain, held hands in front of friends, have our picture in white frames... and you wonder why none of it has worked.

But baby, the truth is you just can't force love!
Randy Johnson Mar 12
Your wife isn't carrying your baby, she's carrying mine.
She wanted me to marry her but I had to decline.
She didn't want tongues to wag about her being an ***** mother.
She was afraid of people's reactions, that's why she married you after becoming your lover.
She pushed her mother down the stairs because she's very mean.
She posted ***** pictures of me on Facebook, she's also obscene.
I'd had enough of her cruel behavior and I decided to dump her then and there.
When I learned she told you that you're the father, I had to tell you because it's unfair.
I can't let her do this to you, I can't and won't keep quiet.
You may not believe me and you may even want to fight.
When the baby is born, I'll tell you what you must do and it will be for the best.
You can prove that she's pulling the wool over your eyes with a DNA test.
I will gladly give her money for child support because it's my baby.
And when I tell you that you must have your marriage annulled, I don't mean maybe.
Carmen Jane Mar 7
Small bear , big bear
You're holding them tight
Little chin rest on them
Eyelids kissed goodnight.

Just sang you a lullaby
Made up the gentle notes
Sang you about a butterfly
That perhaps somewhere,  it gloats!

White bear, brown bear,
To sleep, can't go without
In this old rocking chair
You bring my eyes, delight!

Soft bear, fuzzy bear,
I hold you in my arms
My heart almost can't bear
The love for you 'n your charms!
rgz Mar 4
They say good things come to those who wait
And only fools rush in
But I missed the boat the other day
While sitting on the fence

They say hands so cold
Tell of hearts that are warm
But that can't be right
What I feel is a storm

They say two wrongs don't make a right
And what goes round comes around
They say shoot for the stars
But keep your feet on the ground

They say there's a window
That can see to the soul
But if that is the case
Mine's surely a door

Out of sight, out of mind
Out the picture, out of time
Out of luck, out of touch
Out of order

But don't cut any corners
Haste makes waste
The first cut is the deepest
Cut straight to the chase

They say knowledge is power
Ignorance is bliss
And practice makes perfect
(what about a kiss?)

They say life is what you make it
And there's plenty fish in the sea
But I'm no pescatarian
Just bark on the wrong tree

They say the rotten apple spoils the bunch
But it doesn't fall far
So take a leaf from someone else's tree
And always follow your heart
We say some pretty dumb stuff
Arisa Mar 2
I need baby bars on my bed
To keep me from falling
On my head.

- Sincerely, I'm a wild dreamer.
I wake up in the morning on the floor. I need help.
Silent Moon Mar 1
My love for you -
Transcends from soul
Where universes collide
In aching starry collisions
And raging seas
Howl to the ****** moon
In volcanic,
Beneath whispy winds
Your lips - so sweet
Sprinkled with
Crystal sugar dust,
Rosie pink,
Magic infused
Inspired by Lang Leav's style.
Carmen Jane Mar 1
You can hold only the tips of my fingers
As my thumb brushes your entire hand
This silky touch, at once, our hearts triggers,
Etches my mind , becomes my soul's brand
Serena Feb 28
I’m right here baby,
His eyes pierced straight through me,

Onto her.
sky Feb 28
I love the rush of anxiety
Feeling it crawl up my throat; a ball of nerves.
Sometimes, I want it to just rush out of me.
A round, small, spider-like creature with a million eyes all over and long, sharp legs.
I’d cradle it like a baby
Jenna Feb 24
From now on,
hopes and desires
will reluctantly withdraw
hence there is newfound joy
not in his life, but mine
small and precious
soft and fragile
do not fret, little one
for your life is only beginning
listen to my calming tone as you lull;
nothing will hurt you as long as I am here
so rest assured that my love will keep you safe
I may not be proud of myself,
but you, you should be
because their is nothing
in this world that can
judge you innocent
little angel of mine
so hush now;
will be
Trust me I'm not a mother. But this piece is for those who are struggling single mothers or perhaps just a mother in general. I tried to make a baby shape to go along.
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