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Trina Oct 2018
My thought feed on my imagination, my imagination runs wild with thoughts fight eachother fulling the flames
Thoughts of red dripping from my wrist and me not being good enough...imagination fueling them with images of truths and lies that cut deep red thoughts.
Trina Mar 2018
she is the one that pushes people to do better
she is the one who seems happy all the time
she is the one who seems like her life is grate
she is the one who knows the diffrenace between right and wrong
she is the one who know what its like to grow up with out a choice
she is the one everyone say will do better
she is the one who keeps all the darkness in.
she is the one who cries out her demons in the shower
she is the one who waas sapose to be a mother at the age of 15
she is the one who lost a child and dealt with it byherslef at the age of 15
she is the one who tires so hard to do right and live in she light of god
she is the one who got made fun of all her life
she is the one who pushed and shoved to get out of her house so she didnt feel trapped
she is the one who got her heart broke by the same man a 100 times
she is the one who got back up and dusted her pants off and started to smile
she is the one who kept her self going for 18 years
she is the one who didnt ever depned on anyone or dindt want to when she did
she is the one who sat goals that she knew she would never reach
she is that one
she is the one who know me more than me
she is the one who knows her choices
she is the one who know what she has been threw
she is the one who has had HOPE
she is ME
Trina Feb 2018
its easy when you were a little twikle toes ballerina or a race car driveing that card bord box as fast as you can. its easy when your a  little vet or doctor. its easy when your watching other poeple live life. its hard when you cant talk to your family about your life. so you run
its easy to run. its hard to stay
Trina Feb 2018
you know that guy you tell him you love him.
you know that feeling you get when you say it. that golden bliss. them moments when you are laying with him and you cant help but to smile because your so happy laying in his arms.
the flash of colors you see when he touches your skin.
smile he gives you when he i being adorable
he is some kinda merical even if he dont know it
when you fall for him unexspectedly.
when you finally realize he is the one
that is the day you will be BLISSFULLY happy
Trina Jan 2018
She's expected to be strong,
She's expected to be the glue,
To the broken glass,
She's not expected to cry,
She's not expected to scream.

But in reality,
She's weak,
She's the broken glass,
She cries almost every night,
She holds in her screams,
But her mind is screaming.

She's expected to be nice,
By Almost every person she meets,
She's expected to be more than that,
She's expected not to be rude.

But in reality,
She's not as nice as much anymore,
She avoids people more than she should,
She's says she “okay” though,
just Not as she should

She's expected to be there for her friends,
She's expected to listen and give advice,
Not to complain or need advice,
To have the perfect life and relationships.

But in reality,
She's drifting away,
She listens, but not fully,
She needs to complain sometimes but never dose,
she is falling apart.

She's expected to have the perfect family,
No divorce, no lies, no backstabbing,
Nobody trying to hurt anyone,
No abuse, no fighting, no drugs

But in reality,
Her parents are divorced, her mom was beat,
sister *****, dad wants nothing to do with her,
her mom is married to someone new, who has more kids that is put over her, her mom was taken from her for a year and came back a completely different person, her mother steals, Her bio-father is a compulsive liar, her sisters put her down everyday, Her biological dad ***** her sister, He tried getting her mom to get rid her.

She's expected to be close to her sisters,
No fighting, no yelling, Glued to the hip,

But in reality,
They fight constantly, She can't stand them,
They're the reason, Why she's so sad now,

She's expected to not cut, She's expected to not have scars,
Not to be depressed, Not to be addicted to such a wretched thing.

But in reality,
She's been cutting for years,
And was almost two years clean,
Because she wanted people to stop jugeding.

She has scars all around her thigh,
more on her wrist.
She's addicted to cutting, She's itching to,
But her mother doesn't think she is,
“If you really wanted to die you would be gone
You only do it because you want attention, and lashing out.”
That's what her mother says.

Little do they know,
That their perfect little girl
Is slipping away,
Soon, She'll will be gone, and they will miss her.
She will be expected to come back but she won’t.
Trina Jan 2018
who knew i'd fall in love again
i never thought i'd see this day
i guess my heart has learned to forgive
and the thoughts of 'him' are fading away
you don't know how you make me feel
every word you say brings a smile to my heart
your my everything and i love you so much
i hope that we never fall apart
I wish i could be there with you
i wanna make you happy
i'll do whatever it takes
to make us better than any love story
god you drive me crazy
waiting for you to get online
but it doesnt matter
cuz im so lucky that your mine
i dont care how far away you are
that doesnt stop me from wanting to kiss you
i wanna hear you laugh again
our love is a spell that no one can undo
your amazing and i feel you should know it
your forever in my dreams
i love you so much but have no idea how to show it
getting you out of mind is harder than it seems
do you even feel the same way?
no ones ever really loved me
i hope you dont think im strange
but god you make me so happy
you make my life so much better
and becuz of you i dont wanna die every day of my life
god i hope you love me too
everytime i think of you i start to smile
i just hate going through so much pain and we both are so
please dont hurt me
i dont think i could go through it agian
without you i felt so unhappy
i just want you to know
that i love you with all of my heart
and i want you to trust me like i trust you
and maybe someday our love will be like art they hang in the museums
Trina Jan 2018
I have seen two morning stars
Shining bright upon his face.
Two brown eyes that makes my heart race
Which covers me like an embrace.
I cannot help but feel a glow
Every time he smiles at me.
My joyful heart now wants to know
Whether it should flee or stay.
Tell me not that I must wait
For I no longer can remain,
Waiting for my heart's debate
As it hides itself again.
Perhaps my heart is waiting
Not wanting to concede,
That morning stars do not exist
And it does not want to mislead.
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