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Ogunremi Temitope Awareness


mc6lm Jan 2019
Awareness/Observer as the agent which turns thought/mathematical probability into belief/perception/events.

Awareness is the central point of a balanced system. It represents zero, infinity, and now. As the balance point between the physical and mental it is the only thing that is changeless.

A break in awareness creates a duality of a physical world and a mental world. The dividing of infinity (big bang) creates all mathematics which condenses into physical laws: it also creates all thought consciousness which condenses into the perceived/believed world that is interpreted.

Physical and mental relate directly by degree as follows.

At the largest physical scale the Universe is constant and follows its laws in a clockwork like manner. The dividing of infinity is chaotic at the beginning and full of potential. The Universe finally falls into equilibrium and then obeys simple laws.
At the individual level mind performs according to environmental, genetic, conditioned, etc... factors. At the beginning life is chaotic and awareness needs time to comprehend or make sense out of the reality it is in. When it reaches equilibrium the simple environmental, genetic, etc... factors take over and the individual obeys simple beliefs.
If we use astronomical objects and people as a crude example then we can see how the collective physical forces worked on each other to create this equilibrium. We can also see a similar process in how people's individual beliefs work on each other to create a shared reality or equilibrium.

At the smallest physical scale in the Universe things are more chaotic. When we approach zero or infinity, physically, by using devices to peer into matter we find allot of empty space and apparent paradox. The math becomes much more cumbersome because we are moving away from the refinement of mathematics and are approaching infinity/infinite awareness. At this level reality seems to be less determined and more a matter of probability.
At the subconscious mind level we can see the thought patterns are very chaotic and seemingly random at times. It is seemingly impossible to make rational sense of out the paradoxical nature of the entirety of this type of thought. These thought patterns are many degrees away from the habitual thoughts that rule most of our lives as they are approaching infinity/infinite awareness.

We can look at this starting from awareness and moving away step by step.

The dividing of infinity creates a chaotic physical sea of matter and antimatter and at the same time mind finds itself in the chaos of near infinite thought which is mostly paradoxical (comprising 2 sides of duality, positive and negative numbers, etc...). Neither the physical or mental are fundamental, they both rely on the other completely. They are entangled from the beginning.

As the physical reality is molded by the forces it imparts on itself and the environment (and vise versa) both respond until a balance point is reached. This also applies to a mind growing in a world of ideas, it acts on ideas and reacts to them, eventually a balance point is reached where the mind fits into an identity and stabilises. This is the same process: the physical universe needs to stabilise to make sense and mind needs to make sense to stabilise.

Once stabilisation or equilibrium is reached there is only one outcome and that is the physical and mental returning to infinite awareness. In mind this can happen voluntary (through self inquiry, meditation, science, etc...) but it will also happen inevitably, through death.

The physical and mental were created by awareness.
The physical and mental are both completely reliant upon awareness to exist.
Awareness is nonexistent, except through the physical and mental.
I've left allot out here because I had to try to condense, but I have thoughts on how this relates to parallel universes, enlightenment, global consciousness, breath, and other things.
And in case the title didn't clue you in, it's just an idea:)